Our Supporters

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania currently has projects underway that are supported by the following:








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The Connelly Foundation, Dolfinger-McMahon FoundationEnterprise Holdings Foundation, George C. and Esther Ann McFarland Foundation, McLean ContributionshipAndrew W. Mellon Foundation and Nelson-Talbott Foundation. 



The following list includes donors to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania from July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014. This list is updated annually.

Corporations and Organizations

Abington Junior High School History Club
Aegis Property Group
Alta Management, LLC
Beneficial Mutual Bancorp Inc.
BDB Company
Blank Rome LLP
Bowman Properties
CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP
Cloud Gehshan Associates, Inc.
Cooke & Bieler, L.P.
Dilworth Paxson LLP
Drexel University
E.P. Guidi, Inc.
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
eXude Benefits Group
Flather and Perkins
Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller
The Haverford Trust Company
Irwin & Leighton, Inc.
KSS Architects LLP
L & F Holdings, LLC
Museum of the American Revolution
The National Constitution Center
Oliver Fire Protection and Security
Pennsylvania Abolition Society
Pepper Hamilton LLP
Philadelphia History Museum
PNC Bank
The Raab Collection, LLC
Remington Group, Inc.
Southwest Air
Torcon, Inc.
The Union League of Philadelphia
Urban Engineers, Inc.
Van Note-Harvey
Wells Fargo, N.A.


The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Connelly Foundation
Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation
George C. & Esther Ann McFarland Foundation
Halloran Philanthropies
Hamilton Family Foundation
Leo Model Foundation, Inc.
Nelson Talbott Foundation
The Philadelphia Foundation
The Richard Lounsbery Foundation
The Quaker City Foundation
William Penn Foundation


Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission
Philadelphia Cultural Fund
National Endowment for the Humanities
National Historical Publications & Records Commission



Mr. George W. Connell
Howard and Maxine Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Collin F. McNeil


Ms. Lori Cohen
Aeryn and Bruce Fenton
Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Noll
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Price Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. John L. Asher Jr.
Mr. Matthew J. Claeys
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lafayette Collins III
Mr. Paul A. Cummings
Alice L. George
Ms. Shanta Ghosh
Steven R. Klammer, Esq.
Dr. Krishna Lahiri
Fran and Leon Levy
Charles E. and Mary MacGregor Mather
Mr. Kevin Passerini
Emily and John Pickering
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rittenhouse
Mr. Timothy R. Schantz
Dr. and Mrs. Erik I. Soiferman, DO
Alice Lea and Bill Tasman


Mr. and Mrs. Majid Alsayegh
Mrs. Linda Anderson
Mark A. Aronchick, Esq.
Jim Averill
Mrs. Joseph T. Beardwood III
Mrs. Deborah Dilworth Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Brodsky
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck
Ms. Sandra L. Cadwalader
Mr. Howard Cohen
Mr. Robert A. Cohen and Ms. Deborah R. Peikes
Ms. Peggy P. Duckett and Dr. George Drach
Ms. Mary-Elizabeth Ellard
Mr. and Mrs. J. Morris Evans
Ms. Elizabeth H. Gemmill
Ms. Gwyneth Greenleaf
Mrs. Samuel M. V. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Ix Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Keith
Mr. Ralph L. Kendricks
Stephen and Mary Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Lewis Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Rudy Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Walter M. Licht
Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCausland
Ms. Dagmar E. McGill
Mr. and Mrs. Ranney R. Moran
Mr. David A. Othmer and Ms. Maureen Barden
Mr. Carmen D. Valentino
Mr. Sedgwick A. Ward
Mr. Charles Woodward
Mr. Thomas C. Woodward


Ms. Phyllis J. Boyer
Ms. Philippa Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Scot Fisher
Ms. Helen H. Ford
Mr. Theodore W. Friend III
Ms. Carol Halter
Hannah L. Henderson
Ms. Carol A. Ingald
Mr. Sam P. Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Longstreth
Mrs. Jane C. MacElree
Dr. and Mrs. Francis R. Manlove
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Maxey
Mrs. Jean P. McDonald
Dr. Randall M. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Vernon R. Morris
Mrs. Janneke Neilson
Joan O'Brien
Mrs. Vivian W. Piasecki
Ms. Cokie Roberts
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Rub
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon L. Thompson
Dr. Orhan C. Tuncay
Ms. Florence S. Witonsky
Dr. and Mrs. Harrison M. Wright
Carol Yaster and Bill Levant


Mr. Thomas E. Africa
Mr. Louis J. Appell Jr.
Ms. Catherine V. Beath
Laura Haines Belman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Benson
Ms. Ann Bigelow
Mr. John R. Block
Jane E. Calvert, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Cummins W. Catherwood Jr.
Ms. Sheila R. Connolly
Mrs. Brinton Coxe
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Craig
Miss Maude de Schauensee
Mr. Raphael DeHoratius and Ms. Elizabeth Grace
Mr. and Mrs. B. Robert DeMento Jr.
Ms. Susan G. Detweiler
Mr. Thomas M. Doerflinger
Professor and Mrs. Clifford L. Egan
Mrs. Beverly Caplan Freeman
Mr. Harold E. Galer III
Mr. Robert J. Gilbert
Dr. Howard F. Gillette Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Golden Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Gravagno
Mr. Francis Grebe
Judith Guise
Ms. Nancy G. Harris
Eliza Cope Harrison
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Harrop
Ms. Judith C. Herdeg
Andrew Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Hill III
Leroy T. Hopkins Jr., Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Hughes
Mr. Orton P. Jackson Jr.
Mrs. Henry A. Jordan
Mr. William J. D. Jordan
Sandy and Richy Josephs
Mr. Leroy E. Kean
Mr. Charles P. Keates
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Kilmer
Mrs. Janet S. Klein
Mr. Andrew Kline
Mrs. Mary V. Kurtz
Mrs. Julia Leisenring
Cynthia J. Little, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. Mather II
Mr. Theodore H. McCalla
Dr. Christine Miller
Mr. Gregory Montanaro
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Moran
Prof. and Mrs. John M. Murrin
Richard P. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCracken Peck
Mrs. Mary Vernon Pendleton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pratter
Ms. Delories L. Richardi
Dr. Daniel K. Richter
Mr. Robert L. Riffle
Mr. and Mrs. Norman P. Robinson
Mr. Howell K. Rosenberg
Ms. Kathleen H. Sands
Ms. Diana Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. Buck Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Scott Jr.
Gus Spector, M.D.
Thaddeus Squire
Dr. Robert Blair St. George
Janet Struckell
Mr. Leon C. Sunstein Jr.
Mark Wagenveld
Mr. Richard Waldron
Maurice A. Webster
Ms. Joan B. Wells
Mr. Albert E. Wolf and Dr. Stephanie G. Wolf

In-Kind Gifts

Absolute Abstract
Arader Galleries
Arden Theatre
Asher’s Chocolates
Ash Lawn-Highland
Barnes Foundation
Ms. Patricia Bonsall
Chemical Heritage Foundation
Ms. Lori Cohen
Eastern State Penitentiary
Golden Pheasant Inn
Golden Rock Estate
Historic Philadelphia
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
Keswick Hall
Lantern Theatre
Lucky Strike Lanes
Modern Eye
The Montpelier Foundation
Mural Arts Program
Narragansett Brewery
Alasdair Nichol/Freeman’s Auctioneers and Appraisers
Paper on Pine
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Philadelphia Brewing Company
Philadelphia Distilling
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Price Jr.
The Raab Collection
The Rosenbach Museum and Library
Southwest Airlines
The Stoogeum
Dr. and Mrs. William Tasman
Thomas Jefferson Foundation
Tria Café

1824 Legacy Society

The following individuals are providing a future legacy for HSP by including the Society in their wills:

Mary, Countess of Bessborough *
Mr. Norman Buckman
Mr. Bruce Fenton
Mrs. Beverly Caplan Freeman
Dr. Alice George
Mr. Ralph Kendricks
Mr. Leon L. Levy
Mr. Howard H. Lewis
Ms. Cynthia Little
Mr. David Maxey
Mr. Collin McNeil
Mr. Thomas Moran and Ms. Cynthia Starrett
Mrs. Sarah Price
Mr. Nathan Raab