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Current Fellows


Balch Fellows in Ethnic Studies

  • Dr. Duane Corpis, Department of History, New York University, Shanghai, Overseas Charity and German Protestantism: Global Networks, Local Norms, 16th–19th Centuries
  • Stephen O'Donnell, PhD Candidate in History, University of Strathclyde, The Transatlantic Slovak National Movement, 1890–1920

Albert M. Greenfield Fellow in 20th-Century History

  • Dr. Marc-William Palen, Department of History, University of Exeter, Pax Economica: The Global Struggle for Free Trade and Peace, 1896–1946

Short-term Fellows Jointly Sponsored by the Library Company and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania


LCP Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and HSP Fellows

  • Jeffery Appelhans, PhD Candidate in History, University of Delaware, Catholic Persuasion: Power and Prestige in Early American Civil Life
  • Dr. Alex Black, Department of English, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, The Production of Freedom: Print and Performance in American Abolitionism
  • Dr. Todd Carmody, Program in History and Literature, Harvard University, Racial Handicap: Uplift and Rehabilitation in Postbellum America
  • Jessica Conrad, PhD Candidate in History, University of Delaware, At the Bottom of the Bottle: Consumer Resistance, Racial Uplift, and Woman Suffrage in Temperance Literature
  • Ben Davidson, PhD Candidate in History, New York University, Freedom's Generation: Coming of Age in the Era of Emancipation
  • Bradley Dixon, PhD Candidate in History, University of Texas at Austin, Republic of Indians: Indigenous Vassals, Subjects, and Citizens in Early America
  • Dr. Erica Fretwell, Department of English, State University of New York at Albany, The War of the Dots
  • George Gallwey, PhD Candidate in History, Harvard University, Public Credit in the Development of American Political Economy, 17761845
  • Kathryn Lasdow, PhD Candidate in History, Columbia University, "Spirit of Improvement": Construction, Conflict, and Community in Early National Port Cities
  • Kevin Waite, PhD Candidate in History, University of Pennsylvania, The Slave South in the Far West: California, the Pacific, and Proslavery Visions of Empire, 18001865
  • Andrew Zonderman, PhD Candidate in History, Emory University, Embracing Empire: Eighteenth-Century German Migrants and the Development of the British Imperial System

HSP McNeil Fellows

  • Dr. Meredith Neuman, Department of English, Clark University, Coming to Terms with Early American Poetry
  • Justine Oliva, PhD Candidate in History, University of New Hampshire, Anne Lynch Botta and the Formation of America's Professional Middle Class
  • Johanna Ortner, PhD Candidate in African American Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst, "Whatever concerns them, as a race, concerns me": The Life and Activism of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
  • Catherine Tourangeau, PhD Candidate in History, Yale University, An Ocean of Joiners: Voluntary Associations in the Anglo-American Atlantic, 1740–1800

HSP McFarland Fellow

  • Dr. Alyssa Ribeiro, Research Scholar, UCLA Center for the Study of Women, Making the City Brotherly: Black and Latino Community Activism in Philadelphia, 1960s to 1980s

HSP Dilworth Fellow

  • Jack Furniss, PhD Candidate in History, University of Virginia, States of the Union: The Political Center in the Civil War North

LCP McLean Contributionship Fellow

  • Dr. Allan Kulikoff, Department of History, University of Georgia, Many Masks of Benjamin Franklin

LCP Reese Fellow in American Bibliography

  • Dr. Joseph Rezek, Department of English, Boston University, Early Black Writing and the Book

LCP Anthony N. B. and Beatrice W. B. Garvan Fellow in American Material Culture

  • Isaac King, PhD Candidate in History of Art and Architecture, University of Pittsburgh, The Witness in the Shadows: Authenticity and Authority in the Early National Portraiture of George Washington

LCP American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Fellow

  • Alyssa Reichardt, PhD Candidate in History, Yale University, War for the Interior: Imperial Conflict and the Formation of North American and Transatlantic Communications Infrastructure, 17351774

LCP Fellow in Early American Medicine, Science, and Society

  • Kathryn Falvo, PhD Candidate in History, Pennsylvania State University, Molding the Destiny of the Nation: Women in Nineteenth-Century Dietetic Reform

LCP Fellow in the Visual Culture Program

  • Dr. Ellen Handy, Department of Art, City College of New York, CUNY, Histories of Photography: An Introduction

LCP Deutsch Fellow in Women’s History

  • Jacqueline Beatty, PhD Candidate in History, George Mason University, In Dependence: Women's Protection and Subordination as Power in Early America, 17501820

Society for Historians of the Early American Republic Fellows

  • Dr. Carolyn Eastman, Department of History, Virginia Commonwealth University, The Strange Genius of Mr. O: Oratory and Transatlantic Celebrity in Early America
  • Dr. Robert Gamble, Department of History, University of Kansas, Governed by Numbers: Lotteries, Capitalism, and the American State, 17761929

Barra Foundation International Fellows

  • Dr. Nathalie Caron, Department of American Studies, University of Paris, "Freeing the Mind from the Shackles of Religion": The Significance of the French Philosophes' Philosophy for American Freethought
  • Dr. Justin Roberts, Department of History, Dalhousie University, A Swarm of People: The Barbadian Diaspora and the Expansion of the English Atlantic, 1640–1690