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HSP's library contains a wide selection of biographies, and that collection just got a little bigger thanks to recent additions like the ones below. Click on the links for more information on each book from our online catalog Discover.


Take a gander at some of the new books that were recently cataloged into HSP's general library collection. Click on the links for more information on each from our online catalog Discover.


Friends and acquaintances, we thank you for returning for more transcriptions from the George F. Parry Civil War diaries (George F. Parry family volumes, Collection 3694). If you're just joining us, in 2012 HSP acquired the diaries of Bucks County resident and Civil War veterinary surgeon George F. Parry. In that collection are three diaries he kept during the Civil War dating from 1863 to 1865, when he served with the 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry.


If you're exploring your family's past, HSP's ever-expanding collection of genealogical publications is a fantastic resource for novice and experienced researchers alike. Below is a list of some related titles that were recently cataloged. Click on the links for more information from our online catalog Discover.


Elias Hicks (1748-1830) was born in Long Island, New York, and worked as carpenter and farmer before becoming a Quaker minister around 1775. A few years later he set out as an itinerate preacher, which comprised most of his work during the 1800s, and visited congregations in Eastern states from Vermont to Maryland, including several in and around Philadelphia. He promoted the notion of the Inner Light (internal guiding principles) over the belief in the authority of the Bible.


If you're doing research that involves ethnic history, you might want to check out the list of books below that were recently cataloged under the umbrella of our Balch Institute Ethnic Studies Collection. Clicking the links will take you to each item's catalog record in our online catalog Discover.