Robinson's Narrative Concerning Robert, 1788

Robinson's Narrative Concerning Robert, 1788

PAS Papers, Box 4A Manumissions
Documents concerning cases in which slaves were awarded freedom

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Robert, a negro man, held as a Slave by Godfrey Wainwood, was captured in the late war at virginia by the French and brought here by them, the vessell he was taken in was burnt, and without his being libeled, was sold as a Slave___ He denies that he was a Slave in Virginia

Ann or nanny, a negro woman held as a Slave by Jonathan Stoddard, was born of free Parents; Job Carr of this Town between 30 & 40 years since, by his will freed the Parents of this woman, they took their liberty accordingly, which was never after called in Question by any of the Carr Family, and in about four years after their Freedom, they had this Daughter, who also was considered free, and not molested by any of the Family, till about two years Time, when she fell Sick, the overseers of the poor of this Town called upon the Carr Family to support her, and that Family sold her as a Slave for twenty dollars; She has two Sons of about 13 to 16 years of Age, whome the Carr Family took into Possession about the same time, and I am informed holds as Slaves.

          She is a healthy Strong negro woman, and capable of getting her living

          A negro man from the County, who has been a Soldier in the american Army, and in that service was so free that he was considered as an invalid, and our assembly allowed him a Pension, He came to this Town to attend the the assembly to receive his pay, and being paid in paper money at parr with Silver, which I suppose not proving sufficient to answer his purpose to purchase Such necessaries as he proposed to carry home to his wife & Family, He was tempted to Steal some Small matters from three of four Shop windows He was taken up and had before three Justice’s of the Peace (?) Taylor, Elliry & Barker, the People from whome he stole received their Goods, and in consideration of his poverty made no further claims on him, but these justice’s held their Court, and for the Court Charges and Prison fees took from him his twelve months pay about 12 which he had got from the assembly, sentenced him to be whipped, and sold him for twenty years, for thirty pounds paper money, to a Frenchman who carried him to the west indies and sold him for a Slave

          Isaac a negro man held as a Slave by Robert Stevens; He was a Sailor in a merchant vessel from Jamaica bound to New York in the late war, and taken by a Privateer of this Town and brought in here and sold as a Slave, I understand he had a paper, purporting that he was a free man, which he showed to Chris Ellery, who was then Commissary of Prisoners and part owner of the Privateer, which paper he kept & the negro never could get again

          This (?) I have from William Langley who was one of the owners of the Privateer and opposed to the selling of the negro.

29th: 9th mo 1788