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Catholic Philadelphia
The Accolade Ukrainian Chamber Choir of Philadelphia, who enlivened us all with their performance of traditional Ukrainian Christmas carols.

In many of Philadelphia's ethnic neighborhoods, the Catholic church has served not only as a place of worship, the institution also helped keep alive ancestral traditions and connections among newly-arrived immigrants to the United States. In the spirit of the World Meeting of Families, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania explored this legacy through a holiday Catholic church fair. On Thursday, December 3, we invited churches and parishes from across the 5-county Greater Philadelphia area to share the story of their church and their unique holiday customs.

Date posted: 12/4/15
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Date posted: 12/3/15
Embedded in Ink
Playwright Ain Gordon, HSP's Embedded Artist.

Diane Roka, a Philadelphia-based artist, writer, and "documentary-style drawtographer," attended HSP's program, Unpacking a Psychiatrist: The 217 Boxes of Dr. Henry Anonymous, on November 18. A part of the multi-year An Artist Embedded project, the program explored the life and legacy of Dr. John Ercel Fryer, a Temple University professor of psychiatry and nearly-forgotten pioneer of LGBT rights.

Date posted: 11/25/15
217 Boxes: A Protest In Disguise
Dr. John Fryer, disguised as Dr. Anonymous, addressing the 1972 American Psychiatric Association annual meeting. Activists Frank Kameny and Barbara Gittings joined Fryer.

On November 18, HSP invited the public to discover a nearly-forgotten pioneer of the LGBT rights movement, Dr. John Fryer of Philadelphia – i.e. “Dr. Anonymous” – in a program combing performance and discussion.

Playwright Ain Gordon unveiled the first excerpt of his upcoming play exploring Fryer's story with a dramatic performance and conversation discussing Gordon's process - creating historical fiction from intensive primary source research - and connecting Fryer's address with the current fight for LGBT rights.

Date posted: 11/19/15
July Cultures of Independence Teacher Workshop
Dr. Charlene Mires introduces the keynote speaker of the workshop, Dr. Gary Nash.

We have completed another successful week of Cultures of Independence: Perspectives on Independence Hall and the Meaning of Freedom.  This workshop was for teachers from around the county that raised awareness of how Independence Hall has been involved in the ongoing process of creating a nation and civic life, not just in the magical moment of July 1776.  During each day of  a week-long workshop,  the teachers are be immersed in a process of discovering and developing strategies for teaching the ongoing history

Date posted: 10/8/15
Patterson Room
Patterson Room
Date posted: 9/21/15