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Photographs of the William Penn statue [City Hall] (Collection 4381)

These five photographs depict various views of workers and the William Penn statue atop City Hall, circa 1920.

Date posted: 6/16/22
Echoes of baseball history from long-gone Shibe Park

A series of images from the Philadelphia Record Photograph Morgue documenting the city's baseball history through the story of Shibe Park, demol

Date posted: 4/12/16
Catholic Philadelphia

In many of Philadelphia's ethnic neighborhoods, the Catholic church has served not only as a place of worship, the institution also helped keep alive ancestral traditions and connections among newl

Date posted: 12/4/15
Exploring the Card Catalog: Getting Started
Date posted: 12/3/15
217 Boxes: A Protest In Disguise

On November 18, HSP invited the public to discover a nearly-forgotten pioneer of the LGBT rights movement, Dr. John Fryer of Philadelphia – i.e. “Dr.

Date posted: 11/19/15
July Cultures of Independence Teacher Workshop
Date posted: 10/8/15