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A Foodie's Unconventional History of Advertising
1882 Steinman & Co illustration of spoons. Look at the detail in this illustration; Who knew such a simple thing could earn so much attention?

This photo album is part of the blog series, A Philly Foodie Explores Local History, which connects Philadelphia history with food-related treasures uncovered in the archive of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

Date posted: 8/14/14
A Potluck from Martha Washington’s Cookbook
Apricot Cakes

Always looking for relevant and interesting ways to connect with the items in our collections, staff of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania recently cooked our way into the historic kitchen of America's inaugural First Lady.  While few people are able to say that they’ve met the First Lady and even fewer can boast of sampling her cooking first-hand, HSP has unique access to a presidential pantry through Martha Washington’s Booke of Cookery, which has been in our collections since 1892.  For Tara O’Brien, who has revived dozens of dishes from historic cookbooks as Direc

Date posted: 7/30/14
Home Before the Leaves Fall: Philadelphia and the First World War
Home Before the Leaves Fall: Philadelphia and the First World War

In commemoration of the centennial of the outbreak of the First World War, HSP invited the public to attend Philadelphia and the First World War. This event featured a discussion with scholar Peter Williams about the city's contributions to the war effort, as well as the chance to view HSP's newest document display featuring highlights of our WWI collections.

Date posted: 7/1/14
WWII Stage Door Canteen Party
WWII Stage Door Canteen Party

On Friday, June 13, the Young Friends of HSP hosted a WWII Stage Door Canteen party. Guests paid homage to Philadelphia's original Canteen and came out for a night of live entertainment from the Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus, hors d'oeuvres, and drinks. There were raffle drawings and a caption contest featuring original photos from the Canteen.

Date posted: 6/17/14
A Week in Sunny Nevis
The Golden Rock Estate

A weeklong vacation in the Caribbean island of Nevis for up to four guests.

Date posted: 2/25/14
An Evening with Heritage Award Honoree, Majid Alsayegh
Majid Alsayegh

Tour of Heritage Award Honoree Majid Alsayegh’s Arabian horse farm followed by a wine tasting and dinner.

Date posted: 2/25/14