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Historic Cookbooks at HSP

Tuesday, 8/4/15 5:30 pm - Friday, 9/11/15 10:30 pm

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From the 18th century manuscript recipes of colonial chefs to the published volumes of restaurateurs in the 20th century, HSP’s newest document display serves up history hot and fresh this summer. Strange ingredients, stranger recipes, and 200 year-old crumbs and kettle burns: Historic Cookbooks at HSP has something for every palette.

  • Historical Bookes of Cookery from Martha Washington, the Penn Family, Ellen Emlen, and Hannah Glasse
  • Cookbooks from famed PHL restaurants including Vetri, Vedge, Old Bookbinders, and White Dog Cafe
  • The Great Philly Cheestesteak Book, the Italian Market Recipe Book, and recipes created by Patti LaBelle
  • A hodgepodge of brand name recipe books (Cheez Whiz, Jell-O, and Nutella) and food-related propaganda posters from the First World War.
  • Ethnic cookbooks from around the world, including the handwritten recipes of Wadeehe Atiyeh
  • And more!

Displays are free and open to the public during regular library hours. 

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