Freedom Quiz Answers

Freedom Quiz Answers

Congratulations to Patrick Cecil of Tuscaloosa, Alabama—the winner of HSP’s Freedom Quiz. Cecil, a Ph.D. candidate and history writing fellow at the University of Alabama, will receive a trip to Philadelphia on Southwest Airlines and a behind-the-scenes tour of HSP. More than 150 people took the online Freedom Quiz as they explored HSP’s digital history project Preserving American Freedom (, made possible by Bank of America.

Answers to the Freedom Quiz are listed below:

1) How much did the Liberty Bell cost?

A) 100 English pounds
B) 200 Pennsylvania pounds
C) 500 Continental dollars
D) No charge

2) The Star-Spangled Banner is sung to the tune of what popular drinking song?

A) The Defense of Fort McHenry
B) John Barleycorn
C) To Anacreon in Heaven
D) The Derby Ram

3) According to William Still’s journal, how much was paid for Lewis Chile’s passage on the Underground Railroad in 1855?

A) $20
B) $25
C) $30
D) $35

4) In 1681, what did William Penn receive from the King of England?

A) 45,000 square miles of land in North America
B) A ship and crew to sail to the New World
C) The title ‘Governor of Pennsylvania’
D) An order to establish a colony in Philadelphia

5) What are the first words of the Declaration of Independence?

A) “We hold these truths to be self-evident…”
B) “We the people…”
C) “When in the course of human events…”
D) “Four score and seven years ago…”

6) On what symbolic date did the gay rights community of Philadelphia hold its Annual Reminder Day?

A) January 1
B) July 4
C) September 17
D) December 25

7) Who penned the second draft of the United States Constitution?

A) Benjamin Franklin
B) John Dickinson
C) Alexander Hamilton
D) James Wilson

8) Why was women’s rights advocate Dora Kelly Lewis arrested in 1917?

A) For organizing a strike of female workers
B) For accusing President Wilson of hypocrisy
C) For participating in a march on Washington
D) For attempting to vote in the 1917 elections

9) Where were Sonoko Iwata and her family forced to live during most of World War ll?

A) Poston War Relocation Center
B) Crystal City Detention Camp
C) San Bruno Civilian Assembly Center
D) Catalina Prison

10) Which of the following is NOT in the Articles of Confederation?

A) Religious toleration.
B) Protection for Native Americans
C) A central government with states subordinate to its power
D) All of the above