Cases in which Slaves were Awarded Freedom

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Cases in which Slaves were Awarded Freedom

Thomas Robinson's narrative concerning Robert, slave of Godfrey Wainwood, 1788

Robinson offers the details concerning several individuals who, once free, were sold into slavery.

In re Rudy Boice (boys). Philadelphia, 1794

"...the Pennsylvania Society for the Abolition of Slavery and the Said Rudolph Boyce uniting in the proposal, that the said Rudolph Boyce should pay forty five pounds, for his full Freedom, Liberty, from Bondage in three Equal Payments..."

Maria, Anne and Callier Forquiau v. Marcie and children. Philadelphia, 1805

The court declares Marcie and her two children free.

Commonwealth v. Lambert Smyth

Silva, a teenaged Cuban girl, was brought from Cuba to Rhode Island. She was manumitted upon arrival, but forced to serve a period of indentured servitude. The PAS argued that this was a violation of the 1807 Act of Congress outlawing the importation of slaves.

Cases before Michael Rappele, alderman of Philadelphia, 1816

Several judges declare that the Pennsylvania-born children of a female fugitive slave are free as a consequence of a 1780 Act of Assembly.

"Ann Clark's case," Philadephia, 1818

This document lists the expenses due as a consequence of Ann Clark's successful in-court bid for freedom.