Manumissions, Indentures, and Other

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Manumissions, Indentures, and Other

"Know all men by these presents that I Peter Reik of Caroline County in the state of Maryland Gentleman in consideration of sixty pounds to me paid for by Richard Allen ..."

Peter Reik manumits his slave in exchange for £60 and the promise that the former slave will serve five years as an indentured servant.

"I Robert Bayly of the City of Philadelphia do here by set free from bondage my mulatto woman..."

Bayly's 32-year-old slave, Jane Blakely, receives her freedom.

"Know all men by these presents that I Marie Rose Louis of the City of Philadelphia in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania late from the French West Indies..."

Marie Rose Louis, "from motives of humanity," manumits her 15-year-old slave, Fanny, with the stipulation that Fanny serve as Louis's indentured servant until age twenty-eight.

"I Joshua Moore of Perqumons County State of North Carolina from the conviction of my own mind being fully persuaded that freedom is the natural right of all mankind..."

Moore grants his thirteen-year-old slave, Fanny, her freedom once she reaches eighteen years of age.

"I know all whom it may concern that I Thomas Irwin of the City of Philadelphia, by these presents do agree to set my Negro, James, Free..."

Irwin stipulates the amount to be paid him in exchange for James's freedom.

"Whereas my brother Isaac Blight of the Island of Jamaica Merchant hath sent under my Care a Negro boy Named Frank..."

Peter Blight frees his brother's slave, Frank (aged thirteen years), but keeps him as an indentured servant until the boy reaches twenty-eight years of age.

"I Samuel Stevenson of the Township of Nottingham County of Burlington & Province of West Jersey..."

Stevenson frees his slave, Jack Green, along with Jack's wife and two daughters.

(AMS 051, Box 1/ microfilm series IV reel 20)