PAS Papers, Box 4A Manumissions
Documents concerning cases in which slaves were awarded freedom

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Whereas Rudolph Boice a Negro Man, so called, who was a Slave of my Father Stephen Moore late of Baltimore Deceased, and the said Rudolph Boice having some years ago, Left his Service and came to Philadelphia, where he hath resided Ever since that time, and hath lately taken Some Ground from Edward Burd Esqr on ground rent, at five pounds five Shillings, ?per year? and whereas I the subscriber being the true Representative of my late Father, have lately come to Philadelphia in Questof the said Rudolph Boyer, and aproposed accomadation being made by Thomas Harrison & William Lane, two members of the Pennsylvania Society for the Abolition of Slavery and the Said Rudolph Boyce uniting in the proposal, that the said Rudolph Boyce should pay forty five pounds, for his full Freedom, Liberty, from Bondage in three Equal Payments, the first payment whereof to be made on the Twenty Eight Day of November, which will be in the year of our Lord, one Thousand Seven hundred and Ninty three, and so yearly, the sum of fifteen pounds, until the whole of forty five pounds is all paid, provided always for the Security of the said Thomas Harrison & William Lane, for my use, a sufficient Mortgage or Leon on the said house, So that on Default of payment, the said House may & shall be sold, for the money, that may be due to me, on the failer of the payments, aforesaid-

And I hereby appoint the Said Thomas Harrison & William Lane to be my Free and Lawfull Attorneys, for the above Purpose, who are to act and Do all matters & things, touching the Premises, that I could do were I personally Present.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand that at Philadelphia this Twenty Eight day of November one Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety two

Witness                                               Wm Moore
John Mahony
John Brown

*        *        *

Philadelphia Jany 30 1794 Received of Mr. William Lane the sum of forty dollars on out of the obligation with in for William S. Moore
£15.00                                       John Rush

*        *        *

Philada 7 mo 7th- 95 Recd of Rodey Boyce the sum of forty dollars on accot of the obligation with in for William S. Moore
£15.00                                       Geo R. Chapman

*        *        *

Philada 12 mo 7th – 95 of Rody boyce the Sum of forty Dollars being in full of the within obligation
                                                For William S. Moore
                                                Geo R Chapmore

*        *        *

I hereby Discharge William Lane & Willi McElharry from any Damages arising from Republican Bond in an action in the Com Please of Phila Institute for the Freed(om) of Negro man Rody Boyce a slave belong to the Estate of Stephen Moore of Blatimore acknowledging that I have the Sd Negro in & Take away as a slave belonging to Sd estate
Phila 10 mo 16 1789

Witness Present                                              Executor       
Tho Harrison                                                  (?) Kerrett