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Finding Aids

Finding aids provide background information, descriptions, and inventories for our collections. In addition to those that are available for use in our library, we are working to make finding aids available online as well. Below are finding aids currently available online, and they represent only a small portion of our holdings.  Many of our collections do not have finding aids but please check back often as new finding aids are regularly added.  Information on all of HSP's collections is available in our online catalog Discover. The Balch Manuscript Guide provides links to other online finding aids.

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A Soldier Called Keith (typescript) by Keith Winston, 1944-1945 (Am .19105): html version

Abraham Barker collection on the Free Military School for Applicants for the Command of Colored Troops, circa 1863-1895 (Collection 1968): html version

Abrahams, Florence Kohn. Genealogical research materials, circa 1950s-mid 1970s (GSP020): pdf version

Adamson, Harry E. Papers, 1880-2021 (Collection 3547): html version

Ah Wan. Document, 1860 (SC095): html version

Akerboom, Jack. Genealogy collection, circa 1984-circa 1998 (Collection 4361): html version

Albert E. Dutrieuille Catering. Records, 1873-1975 (MSS052): html version

Albertype Company. Photographs, 1910-1952 (Collection V18): pdf version

Albertype Company. Photographs, 1910-1950 (Collection V18A): pdf version

Albrecht, Otto. Papers, 1860, 1928, n.d. (SC176): html version

Alibone, Joseph. Diary, 1772 (Am .00607): pdf version

Alice Simon collection on the Slovak Gymnastic Union Sokol of America, 1966-1993 (Collection 3497): html version



Allen family. Papers, 1837-1971 (Collection 3126): pdf version

Allen family. Papers, 1908-1988 (SC235 and PG289): html version

Alliance Française de Philadelphie. Records, 1903-1990 (Collection 3165): html version

Almshouse records, 1767-1768, 1837 (Am .3225): html version

Alyce Hovsepian Gordon Armenian-Americans collection, 1969-2005 (Collection 3686): html version

American Association of Teachers of German. Records, 1969-1981 (Collection 3022): pdf version

American Institute for Italian Culture. Records, 1957-1983 (Collection 3027): pdf version

American Friends Service Committee, Clothing Committee. Japanese American Relocation Center's card files, 1943-1945 (MSS065): html version

American Latvian Association in the United States. Records, 1949-1973 (MSS023): html version

American Relief for Poland, Philadelphia Chapter. Records, 1929-1965 (MSS005 and PG111): html version

American Society for Testing Materials records, 1902-1916, 1922 (Collection 3574): html version

American Turners, Wilmington. Records, 1880-1965 (MSS172): pdf version

Archives of Mr. H. German Wilson, early 1900s-2016 (Collection 4140): html version

Arthur Colen collection of Joseph Boggs Beale papers, 1856-circa 1973 (Collection 2007): html version

Ashbridge, Samuel H. Letters, 1899-1900 (Collection 3169): html version

Associate Polish Home of Philadelphia. Records, 1922, 1944-1951 (MSS135): html version

Asylum Company. Papers, 1773-1851 (Collection 21): html version

Atherton, Humphrey. Papers, 1788-1845 (Collection 1976): html version    xml version

Atiyeh, Wadeeha. Papers, 1931-1979 (MSS009 and PG006): pdf version (MSS009) pdf version (PG006)

Atlantis, National Greek Daily Newspaper. Records, 1894-1973 (MSS043): html version

Baker, Edward J. Letters, 1918-1925 (Collection 3665): html version

Balch family. Papers, 1755-1963 (Collection 3058): pdf version

Balch Institute. Ethnic comic books and strips collection, 1947-1993, undated (SPC237): html version

Balch Institute. Ethnic images in advertising collection, 1891-1999 (Collection 3238): html version

Balch Institute. Jewish greeting cards collection, circa 1986-circa 1992 (Collection 3140): html version

Balch Institute. Political ephemera collection, 1941-1974 (Collection 3472): html version

Balch Institute. Sheet music collection, 1824-1966 (Collection 3141): html version

Baldwin Locomotive Works. Records, 1825-1869 (Collection 1485): pdf version

Ball families. Papers, 1672-1917 (Collection 28): html version

Bank of North America. Records, 1694-1939 (Collection 1543): html version

Barker family. Papers, 1821-1945 (Collection 2174): pdf version

Barringer, Brandon. Papers, 1956-1960 (Collection 1998): html version

Bartram family. Papers, 1684-circa 1935 (Collection 36): pdf version  xml version

Batcheler, Hartshorne, and Sahlin families. Papers, 1798-2007 (Collection 3173): html version

Beatty J. Smith collection of Smith family papers, 1769-1989 (Collection 3502): html version

Beck, Joseph E. Papers, 1902-1988 (Collection 3083): pdf version

Bedikian, A. A. Letter, 1948 (SC218): html version

Behuncik, Edward J. Papers, 1918-1993 (MSS170): pdf version

Beiser family. Papers, 1877-1980 (SC177 and PG134): html version

Belfield papers, 1697-1777 (Collection 3159): html version

Bell, Esther R. Papers, ca. 1850-1980 (Collection 3095): pdf version

Bellevue Memorabilia Collection, 1884-2005 (Collection 3078): pdf version

Belohlavek, Charles. Papers, 1903-1986 (MSS58 and PG169/170): html version

Bender, Rose I. Papers, 1929-1973 (MSS020): pdf version

Bennett, Frank T.  Diary, 1862 (Collection 3041): html version   xml version

Bentley, H. Wilder. Printer's note, 1938 (SC084): html version

Bentley, Jasper. World War II scrapbooks, 1939-1944 (Collection 3869): html version

Bergdoll family. Papers, 1910-1970 (MSS021 and PG118): html version

Berger, Carl. Collection, 1900-circa 1950 (Collection V46): html version

Berger, Herman. Papers, 1946-1947 (Collection 3575): html version

Bertram M. Benard Immigration Law Index. Records, 1952-1982 (MSS066): html version

Betts, F. Furman. Papers, 1917-1919, 1997, 1998 (Collection 3655): html version

Biddle, Anthony Joseph Drexel. Papers, 1912-1961 (Collection 3110): html version

Biddle and Craig family. Papers, 1779-1837 (Collection 1451A): pdf version

Biddle and Heckscher families. Papers, 1783-1922 (Collection 3906): html version

Biddle family. Papers, 1683-1954 (Collection 1792): pdf version

Biddle family. Papers, 1688-1883 (Collection 2146): pdf version

Biddle, George R. Diaries, 1876-1919 (Collection 3660): html version

Bingham, William. Correspondence, 1791-1803 (Collection 53): pdf version

Bining, Arthur C. Collection, 1727-1949 (Collection 1811): html version

Blackburne and Sharp families. Papers, 1792-1953 (Collection 2149): html version

Blackwell, Robert, Rev. Account book, 1790-1812 (Collection 4002): html version

Bodler family. Papers, 1837-1874 (SC241): html version

Bok, William Curtis, and Nellie Lee Holt Bok. Papers, 1836-1991 (Collection 3096): html version

Borger, Abraham. Papers, 1836 (SC132): html version

Borie family. Papers, 1791-1888. (Collection 1602): pdf version

Bosworth, Francis. Papers, 1927-1969 (Collection 2086): html version

Boyko, Anna Kobryn. Papers, 1910-1973 (MSS024): html version

Bradford family. Papers, 1620-1906. (Collection 1676): pdf version

Bradley, Frank Gordon.  World War II correspondence, 1942-1945 (Collection 3548): html version

Brahl, Waldemar. Document, 1863 (SC111): html version

Brake and Wineman families. Papers, 1762-1947 (Collection 3606): html version

Brandywine Workshop. Records, 1972-2014 (Collection 3843): html version

Breck, Samuel. Papers, 1795-1862 (Collection 1887): pdf version

Brehon Law Society. Records, 1976-1989 (Collection 3044): pdf version

Breunig family. Letters, 1942-1946 (Collection 4570): html version

Brewster, Anne Hampton. Papers, 1777-1892 ( html version

Bright, Nellie Rathbone. Family papers, 1885-1977. (Collection 2057): html version

Brinton, Jasper Yeates. Collection, 1696-1916 (Collection 1619): pdf version

Brockmohle, Henry. Correspondence, n.d. (SC135): html version

Broadbent, George Subers. Diaries, 1861-1898 (Collection 3595): html version

Brooke, John Rutter. Papers 1767-1918 (Collection 78): html version  

Brown family. Collection, 1806-2020 (Collection 4341): html version

Brown family. Papers, 1715-1837 (Collection 84): pdf version

Brown family. Papers, 1902-1942 (Collection 4201): html version

Brotzman, Floyd A. Papers, 1918-1919 (Collection 4168): html version

Buchanan, James. Papers, 1783-1895 (Collection 91): html version

Burd, Edward Shippen. Papers, 1798-1858 (Collection 104): html version

Bush Hill estate. Papers, 1814-1871 (Collection 780): pdf version

Bye, Mary. Papers. 1969-1992 (Collection 3202): html version

C. Schrack & Co. Records, 1820-1933 (Collection 2080): pdf version

Cadwalader family. Papers, 1623-1962 (Collection 1454): pdf part 1; pdf part 2; pdf part 3; pdf part 4; pdf family tree

Cadwalader, John. Estate volume, 1786-1796 (Collection 3831): html version; Transcribed selections pertaining to enslaved people managed by the estate (pdf)

Cadwalader, John, Jr. Collection, 1873-1988 (Collection 3014): pdf version

Cannstatter Volksfest-Verein of Philadelphia. Records, 1873-1942 (MSS128): html version

Carey, Henry Charles. Correspondence, 1824, 1846-1848 (Collection 3671): html version

Carey, Mathew. Diaries, 1828-1836 (Collection 3672): html version

Carpenter family papers, 1695-1915 (Collection 115): html version

Carson-Randolph family. Papers, 1677-1980 (Collection 3004): pdf version

Carson, Hampton L. Papers, 1715-1941 (Collection 117): pdf version

Cassel, Abraham H. Collection, 1680-1893 (Collection 1610): html version

Centennial Exhibition. Collection, 1870-1879 (Collection 1544): pdf version

Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia. Records, 1869-1971 (Collection 1997): html version

Chambers family. Papers, ca. 1703-1963, 2008 (Collection 1939): pdf version

Charles A. Tracy collection of Hardie family papers, 1777-1902 (Collection 3155): html version

Chase, Salmon P. Papers, 1824-1884 (Collection 121): html version

Chew family. Papers, 1659-1986 (Collection 2050): xml version (does not contain box inventories; please see pdf files); pdf collection overview; pdf series 1-3; pdf series 4; pdf series 5-7; pdf series 8-10; pdf series 11-13; pdf series 14-18; pdf series 19-23; pdf series 24-29

Cheyney, Thomas. Docket, 1779-1806 (Am .2536): pdf version

Children's Aid Society of Pennsylvania. Records, 1857-1982 (Collection 3026): pdf version

Citizens' Bounty Fund Committee. Records, 1861-1887 (Collection 1558): html version

Citizens’ Permanent Relief Committee. Records, 1885-1923 (Collection 1421): html version

Clapp family. Papers, 1942-1989 (Collection 2172): pdf version

Clark, Dennis. Papers, 1866-1989 (MSS037): pdf version with inventory html version

Clark, Dennis. Papers (additions), 1863-1994 (MSS 177): pdf version

Clark, Joseph Sill. Papers, 1947-1968 (Collection 1958): pdf version

Clark, Warner. Papers, 1925-2007 (Collection 3219): html version

Clark-Sims Family. Papers, 1791-1908 (Collection 3073): pdf version

Clayton, John. Papers, 1832-1952 (Collection 1888): html version

Cleary, James J. Papers, 1837-1988 (Collection 3076): pdf version

Coates and Reynell Family. Papers, 1677-1930 (Collection 140): pdf version

Colegrove, Jeanette. Diaries, 1936-1940 (Collection 4319): html version

Coles family. Papers, 1760-1921 (Collection 1458): html version

Coles House. Records, 1865-1997 (Collection 3242): html version

Collection of matchbook covers from Pennsylvania establishments, circa 1930-1980 (Collection 3857): html version

Collection of matchbook covers from Pennsylvania establishments, circa 1890, circa 1930-1980 (Collection 3858): html version

Collier, William. Papers and slides, 1925-1977 (Collection 4536): html version

Colonial Dames of America, Chapter II. Records, 1856-2016 (Collection 4207): html version

Colt, Roswell L. Papers, 1808-1854 (Collection 1883): html version

Committee to Attend to and Alleviate the Sufferings of the Afflicted with the Malignant Fever. Minutes, 1793-1794 ( html version

Concerned Citizens of North Camden. Record, 1980-1988 (MSS 130): html version

Confederacy (ship). Papers, 1776-1779 (Collection 222): html version   xml version

Conroy, F. Hilary. Papers, 1972-1988 (Collection 3018): html version  xml version

Constitutional Centennial Commission. Papers, 1884-1887 (Collection 676): html version

Contemporary Club. Records, 1886-1952 (Collection 1981): html version

Cooke, Jay. Papers, 1831-1906 (Collection 148): html version

Connelly, Frank. Papers and World War II letters, 1939, 1943-1946 (Collection 4310): html version

Cope family. Papers, 1785-1928 (Collection 1486): pdf version  pdf version voyage dates   pdf version other ports

Cope, Gilbert and Joseph. Genealogical research materials, 1729-1979 (GSP 041): html version

Coryell, Lewis S. Papers, 1806-1872 (Collection 151): html version

Costello family. Papers, 1827-1847 (MSS001): html version

Council of Spanish Speaking Organizations of Philadelphia (El Concilio de Organizaciones Hispanas de Filadelfia). Records, 1966-1990 (MSS120): html version

County Treasurer [Jackson County, Ore.] Receipt book, 1855-1856 (SC018): html version

Covello, Leonard. Papers, 1907-1974 (MSS040 and PG107): pdf version

Cox, Charles S. Letters and printed matter, 1926-1983 (Collection 4190): html version

Cox-Parrish-Wharton papers, 1700-1900 (Collection 154): html version

Coxe, Brinton. Family papers, 1787-1917 (Collection 1983): pdf version

Coxe, Charles Henry. Letters, 1861-1866 (Collection 3688): html version

Coxe family. Mining papers, 1767-1968 (Collection 3005): pdf version

Coxe family. Papers, 1638-1970 (Collection 2049): pdf version

Coxe, Weld. Collection, 1669-1982 (Collection 3008): pdf version

Crocker, Williams, and Earle families. Papers, 1814-2023 (Collection 4643): html version

Cronau, Rudolf. Papers, 1858-1930 (MSS081 and PG288): html version

Cuesta, Maria Josefa Espinosa de, 1822-1842 (Collections 1257): html version

Curtis family. Papers, 1838-1926 (MSS072): html version Transcription of selected letters from the collection (pdf)

Curtis Publishing Company. Records, circa 1891-1968 (Collection 3115): pdf version

Dallas, Constance H. Papers, 1924-1958 (Collection 1984): html version

Dallas, George Mifflin. Papers, 1788-1877 (Collection 1460): html version

Dallett, Francis James. Papers, 1853-1997 (Collection 3046): pdf version

Dallett, Francis James. Papers [additions], 1831-2004 (Collection 3046B): pdf version

Dare, Lois. Family history collection, 1856-2000 (Collection 3571): html version

Darrach, Charles G. Papers, 1906-1919 (Collection 160): pdf version

D Company, 1st Infantry Regiment of the Pennsylvania National Guard. Records, 1861-1930 (Collection 1356): html version

Da Vinci Art Alliance. Records, 1933-1991 (Collection 3226): html version

Davis, Brown, and Yale families. Correspondence, 1853-1879 (Collection 164): pdf version

Davis, Emilie. Diaries, 1863-1865 (Collection 3030): pdf version

Davis, William Morris. Papers, circa 1846-1920 (Collection 4290): html version

Davis, William Watts Hart, 1809-1908 (Collection 1837): html version

Dawson, John. World War II letters, 1943-1944 (Collection 3782): html version

Dende, Henry. Papers, 1900-1985 (MSS054 and PG231): pdf version  html version

Dendur, Jan. Papers, 1890-1987 (Collection 3032): pdf version

Desht, Martin J. Photographs of Philadelphia buildings and neighborhoods, 1990-2008 (Collection 3098): pdf version

Diaz, Nelson A. Papers, 1967-2011 (Collection 3079): html version

Dick, Brisbane, and Harris families. Papers, 1803-1978 (Collection 4059): html version

Dickinson, John. Papers, 1676-1885 ( html version

Dietz family. Postcards, 1931-1969 (Collection 3750): html version pdf inventory

Dillwyn and Emlen family. Correspondence, 1770-1818 ( html version

Dilworth family. Papers, 1932-1974 (Collection 3623): html version

Dilworth, Richardson. Papers, 1881-2002 (Collection 3112): html version

DiPrima, Frank C. Papers, 1938-1962 (Collection 3450): html version

Dixon, Samuel Gibson. Papers, 1879-1960 (Collection 1941): html version

Dorizas, Michael M. Papers, 1916-1958 (MSS022 and PG119): html version

Drayton family. Papers, 1783-1896 (Collection 1584): pdf version

Dreer, Ferdinand J. Autograph collection, 1492-1925 (Collection 175): html version

Drescher, William. Ledger, 1869-1900 (Collection 3999): html version

Drinker, Dr. and Mrs. Henry. Collection of miscellaneous family papers, 1682-1971 (Collection 3125): pdf version

Drinker, Elizabeth Sandwith. Diaries, 1758-1807, 1975 (Collection 1760): html version

Duane, William. Notebooks, ca. 1822-1835 (Collection 3114): pdf version

Dubois, Abraham. Papers, 1792-1809 (Collection 1636): pdf version

DuBois, Henry C. Collection, 1776-1927 (Collection 1184): pdf version

Dumont, Frank. Minstrelsy Scrapbook, 1850-1902 (Collection 3054): pdf version

Dutilh and Wachsmuth. Papers, 1704-1859 (Collection 184): html version

Dwyer family. Papers, 1854-1995 (Collection 3029): pdf version

E. D. Buckman genealogical collection on the Buckman and allied families, circa 1850-circa 1892 (Gen Bu1): html version

Earle, George Howard. Papers, 1944-1960 (Collection 3260): html version

East Bridgewater Alliance #311. Record books, 1896-1921 (Collection 4003): html version

Eden, Judith Shuman. Papers on Philadelphia urban affairs, 1983-2005 (Collection 3657): html version

Edmunds, Albert. Papers, 1844-1941 (Collection 1342): pdf version

Edwards, John E. Collection, 1971-1972 (SC100 and PG037): html version

Edwin Forrest Home. Records, 1792-1990 (Collection 3068): pdf version

Elder, A. M. Ledgers, 1830-1869 (Collection 3680): html version

Elizabeth Dunbar collection of papers about Talcott Williams, [1808-1933], 1824-1936 (Collection 717): html version

Ella Reid Public Library. Records, 1941-1969 (MSS003): html version

Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania. Records, 1889-1984 (Collection 3263): html version

Engineers' Club of Philadelphia. Records, 1877-1988 (Collection 3144): html version

Ermentrout, Adelaide. Scrapbooks on Daniel Ermentrout, 1859-1932 (Collection 3629): html version

Ethnic Millions Political Action Committee (EMPAC!). Records, 1969-1981 (Collection 3094): pdf version

Etting family scrapbook and Stage Door Canteen photographs, 1780-2018 (Collection 3558): html version

Ervin, Mudge, and Roberts families. Papers, 1826-2021 (Collection 4451): html version

Fahnestock family. Papers, 1849-1873 (Collection 1269): pdf version

Fairmount Park Art Association. Records, 1871-1972 (Collection 2045): html version

Family Service of Philadelphia. Records, 1878-1999 (Collection 1961): pdf version

Fant, George. Document, 1867 (SC097): html version

Feldman, Stuart F. Papers, 1937-2011 (Collection 3741): html version

Fels, Joseph and Mary. Papers, 1840-1966 (Collection 1953): pdf version

Fels, Samuel Simeon. Papers, 1889-1985 (Collection 1776): html version   xml version

Felton family. Papers, 1839-circa 1922 (Collection 1151): html version

Fenton and Remak families. Papers, 1821-1980 (Collection 3148): html version   pdf family tree

Ferguson, Ruth Johns. Papers, 1901-1985 (Collection 3075): html version

Fergusson, Elizabeth Graeme. Papers, 1752-1795 ( html version

Fifth Street Merchants Association. Records, 1975-1987 (MSS118 and PG345): html version

Fiorani Radio Productions. Records, 1931-1975 (MSS049): pdf version

Fiorani Radio Productions records additions and Fiorani-Florey family papers, 1904-1998 (MSS163): pdf version

First Association of Spiritualists of Philadelphia. Collection, circa 1867-1955 (Collection 3089): pdf version

Fisher, Joshua Francis. Correspondence, 1806-1856 (Collection 3398): html version

Fisher, Joshua Francis. Papers, 1681-1865 (Collection 1858): pdf version

Fisher family. Letters, 1763-1848 (Collection 4454): html version

Fisher family. Papers, 1761-1889 (Collection 2094): html version   xml version

Fisher, Miers. Papers, 1775-1814 (Collection 207): html version

Fleer, Edward H. Family papers, 1833-1989 (Collection 3052): pdf version

Fletcher Works. Records, 1845-1955 (Collection 2064): pdf version

Foerderer family. Papers, 1865-2009 (Collection 3102): html version

Follmer, John Daniel. Diary and memoir, 1862-1885 (Am .66910): html version

Forges and Furnaces. Collection, 1727-1921 (Collection 212): pdf version

Foreman, George A. Scrapbooks on the Philadelphia Transportation Company, 1877-1949 (Collection 3267): html version

Foulke, William Parker. Papers, 1849-1854 (Collection 2173): html version

Fox family. Papers, 1755-1969 (Collection 2028): pdf version

Fred R. Colley collection on the history of Forbes Road, 1915-1976 (Collection 3929): html version

Frederick M. Yost collection on John Wanamaker's department store publicity, 1863-1984 (Collection 3440): html version

French Benevolent Society of Philadelphia. Records, 1804-1977 (MSS141): html version

French Evangelical Church. Records, 1888-1889 (SC192): html version

French War Veterans of Philadelphia. Records, 1949-1985 (SC269): html version

French West Indies. Collection, 1712-1857 (Collection 219): pdf version

Friends of Franklin, Inc. Descendants Project records, circa 1992-2001 (Collection 3117): pdf version   xml version

Friends of the Benjamin Franklin House, U. S. Records, 1956-2008 (Collection 3118): pdf version

Fryer, John. Papers, 1876-2004 (Collection 3465): html version

Furness-Bullitt. Family papers, 1824-1967 (Collection 1903): pdf version

Garden Club of Philadelphia. Records, 1900-2003 (Collection 1476): pdf version

Garden State Immigration History Consortium. Records, 1975-1992 (MSS174): pdf version

Gardiner, Edward Carey. Collection, 1673-1949 (Collection 227A): pdf version

Gardiner, Leon. Collection of American Negro Historical Society records, 1715-1962 (Collection 8): html version

Gardiner, Leon and Beatrice M. Collection, 1822-1979 (Collection 8B): html version

Garnier, M. Papers, 1763-1787 (SC128): html version

Gasperetti, Elio. Ethnic studies collection, circa 1967-circa 2007: html version

Geary family. Papers, 1846-1913 (Collection 2062): html version   xml version

George (ship). Logbook, 1805-1806 (Am .6823): html version

Germantown (Philadelphia, Pa.) general court records, 1691-1707 (Am .371): html version

Gerard van Swieten dictata in materia medica, 1733-1756 ( html version

Gerberich, Albert H. Diaries, 1911-1965 (Collection 3271): html version

Gibbon family. Correspondence, 1808-1987 (Collection 3272): html version

Gibbon, John. Papers, 1845-1896 (Collection 2031): html version

Gibson, James. Papers, 1712-1849 (Collection 236): html version

Gish family. Farm ledger, 1807-1848 (Collection 3998): pdf version

George Gillespie notes taken from Dr. Thomas Young’s Lectures on Midwifery, 1761 ( html version

Girls' Coalition of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Records, 1976-1998 (Collection 3743): html version

Gobrecht, Christian F. Papers, 1794-1902 (Collection 241): html version

Gold Seal Manufacturing Company. Records, 1905-1982 (MSS059 and PG237): html version

Gondos family. Papers, 1895-circa 1978 (Collection 3082): pdf version

Graham, Archibald Hunter. Papers, 1898, 1927-1929 (Am .3205): html version

Grand Army of the Republic. Philip R. Schuyler Post No. 51. Records, 1874-1931 (Collection 1825): html version

Grant, George Washington. Papers, 1861-2001 (Collection 4445): html version

Gratz, Simon. Autograph collection, 1343-1928 (Collection 250A): html version

Gratz, Simon. Autograph collection, 1517-1925 (Collection 250B): html version

Gratz, Simon. Papers, 1838-1943 (Collection 1571): html version

Gratz, Simon. Portrait collection, circa 1890-1920 (Collection 3277): html version

Greenewalt, Mary Elizabeth Hallock. Papers, 1769-1950 (Collection 0867): pdf version html version html musical version

Greenfield, Albert M. Papers, 1918-1969 (Collection 1959): pdf version

Grim-McFarland-Woodbridge family history collection, circa 1905-2007 (Collection 3706): html version

Grotjan, Peter Adolph. Memoirs, 1844-1846 (Am .0708): html version

Gruenberg, Frederick P. Papers, 1902-1980 (Collection 2029): html version

Guild of Patient Account Management of Philadelphia and Vicinity. Records, 1958-1994 (Collection 3736): html version

Guris family. Papers, 1875-1988 (MSS 77): html version

Gurzau, Elba F. Papers, 1920-1985 (MSS 48): html version

Gwiazda and Polish Star Publishing Company. Records, 1922-1986 (MSS063 and PG206): html version

Halftown, Traynor Ora. Photographs and papers, 1858, 1909-2003 (Collection 4624): html version

Hamilton, James. Collection, 1733-1899 (Collection 1612): pdf version

Hand, Edward. Papers, 1766-1907 (Collection 261): html version

Hand family. Papers, 1792-1795, 1819-1958 (Collection 4189): html version

Harcum Junior College. Records, 1953-2006 (Collection 3080): pdf version

Harris, Joseph Smith. Correspondence, 1853-1907, 2007 (Collection 3107): pdf version

Harrison family. Papers, 1789-1964 (Collection 2048): html version

Harrison family. Papers, circa 1857-1961 (Collection 3103): html version

Harold E. Cox transportation collection, 1803-1967 (Collection 3158): html version

Hasselriis, Caspar. Papers, 1903-1973 (MSS173): pdf version

Hauck family. Papers, 1930-1999 (Collection 3401): html version

Haussegger, Nicholas. Orderly books, 1776-1778 (Am .623): html version

Hayes Manor. Records, 1827-1994 (Collection 3108): pdf version

Hazard family. Papers, 1686-1870 (Collection 1398): html version

HBE Foundation. Records, 1954-2020 (Collection 4342): html version

Heisson, Alexander. Papers, 1888-1909 (Collection D0133): pdf version

Henry, Alexander. Papers, 1851-1879 (Collection 278): html version

Henry family. Papers, 1759-1914 (Collection 280): html version

Henszey, Mary R. P. Family collection, 1776-1935 (Collection 3676): html version

Hetzel, Frederic V. Papers, 1898-1967 (Collection 3091): pdf version

High, William. Account book, 1815-1826 (Collection 4000): html version

Hillegas, Michael. Papers, 1757-1782 (Am .0802, Am .0803): pdf version

Hispanic Federation for Social and Economic Development. Records, 1973-1985 (MSS116): html version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania cartoons and caricatures collection, 1754-circa 1950 (Collection 3133): html version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania collection of Academy of Music programs, playbills, and scrapbooks, 1857-1972 (Collection 3150): html version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania collection of Benjamin Franklin papers, 1682-1951 (Collection 215): pdf version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania collection of Civil War papers, 1861-1902 (Collection 1546): html version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania collection of lodge records, 1731-1936 (Collection 905): pdf version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania collection of silhouettes, circa 1755-1964 (Collection V87): html version pdf inventory

Historical Society of Pennsylvania collection of World War II papers, 1920-1981 (Collection 1479): html version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania miscellaneous collection, 1676-1937 (Collection 425): pdf version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania photograph collection, circa 1850-1992 (Collection V59): pdf version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania playbill collection [additions], 1850-2014 (Collections 3131B): html version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania poster and broadside collection, 1777-circa 2005 (Collection V94): html version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania print collection, circa 1800-circa 1950 (Collection V89): pdf version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania small collection, 1681-1996 (Collection 22B): pdf version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania trade cards collection, circa 1800-2000 (Collection 3138): html version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania war poster collection, 1914-1945 (Collection V95): html version

Historical Society of Pennsylvania World War II propaganda collection, 1939-1946 (Collection 3335): html version

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, with the Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies. Institutional records, 1824-2005. pdf version

Hiteshew, Robin O'Brien. Collection, 1817-1997 (Collection 3059): pdf version

Hoagland, Robert E. Papers [additions], 1986-2006 (GSP063): pdf version

Hoh, Yam Tong. Papers, ca. 1910-1987 (MSS126): pdf version

Hoh, Yam Tong and Daisy Law. Papers, 1919-1977 (Collection 3020): html version  xml version

Hoisholt, Andrew William. Papers, 1872-1888 (SC082): html version

Hollingsworth family. Papers, 1715-1849. (Collection 289): pdf version

Holmes, Samuel D. Papers, 1904-1977 (Collection 4359): html version

Holy Redeemer Chinese Catholic Church. Records, 1940-1972 (MSS030 and PG120): html version

Home Missionary Society of the City of Philadelphia. Visiting book, 1883-1889 (Collection 3036):  html version    xml version

Hopkins, Thomas. Journal, 1780 (Collection 292): html version     xml version

Hopkinson family. Papers, 1736-1941 (Collection 1978): pdf version

Horstmann-Lippincott family. Papers, 1724-1963 (Collection 1899): pdf version

Horace Howard Furness collection on the Great Central Fair, 1861-1867 (Collection 224): html version

Hoving, Johannes. Papers, 1904-1933 (MSS006): html version

Howell, Margaret B. Diary, 1865 (Collection 3065): pdf version

Howley, Frank L. and Edith Cadwallader. Papers, 1879-1986 (Collection 3720): html version

Hugh, John. Memorandum book, 1704-1762 (Am .0806): xml version  html version

Huguenot Society of Pennsylvania. Records, 1918-2000 (Collection 3009):  html version  xml version

Humphreys, A.A. (Andrew Atkinson). Papers, 1708-1930 (Collection 304): html version

Humphreys, Joshua. Papers, 1660-1931 (Collection 306): html version

Humphreys, Phebe Westcott. Serials writing collection, 1893-1907 (Collection V02B): html version

Hurban, Vladimir. Papers, 1917-1951 (MSS034 and PG122): html version

Hutchins, Thomas. Papers, 1759-1807 (Collection 0308): pdf version

Hutchinson, Edward P. Papers, 1881-1990 (Collection 3039): pdf version

Indian. Papers, 1746-1878 (Collection 310): pdf version

Indian Rights Association. Records, 1830-1986 (Collection 1523): html version

Indigent Widows' and Single Women's Society/Ralston House. Records, 1817-1985 (Collection 3099): pdf version

Indo-American Association of Delaware. Records, 1983-1992 (Collection 3016): html version  xml version

International Typographical Union, Local 2 (Philadelphia, Pa.). Record, 1850-1967 (Collection 2076): pdf version

Ingersoll, Charles Jared. Papers, 1801-1891 (Collection 1812): html version

Irish Edition. Records, 1916-1991 (Collection 3049): pdf version

Irvine-Newbold family. Papers, 1766-1955. (Collection 1890): pdf version

Iwata, Shigezo and Sonoko. Papers, 1942-1991 (MSS053 and PG087): html version

J. B. Lippincott Company. Records, 1833-1988 (Collection 3104): html version

J. G. Brill Company. Records, 1877-1930 (Collection 1556): html version   xml version

Jacobs, Sophia Yarnall. Papers, 1861-1990 (Collection 3007): html version  xml version

James D. B. Weiss Jr. collection of hospital and miscellaneous genealogical records, 1845-1979 (Collection 3659): html version

James W. Wallace collection of Joseph Wallace papers, 1794-1863 (Collection 685): pdf version  xml version

Jenkins, Charles Francis. Autograph collection, 1750-1827 (Collection 1402): html version

John Coltrane Cultural Society. Ephemera, circa 1992 (Collection 4385): html version

Johnson, Amandus. Papers, 1897-1974 (MSS041A-D and PG126): html version description only (MSS041A); pdf version description and inventory (MSS041A); pdf version (PG126 & MSS041C)

Johnson family. Business papers, 1818-1921 (Collection 2185): html version

Johnson, Jesse. Diary, 1862 (Collection 1299): html version    xml version

Johnston, Josiah Stoddard, 1821-1839 (Collection 324): html version

Johnston-Harris family. Papers, 1776-1935 (Collection 3037): pdf version

Jones family. Papers, 1681-1869 (Collection 1301): pdf version

Jones and Taylor family. Papers, 1737-1971 (Collection 2037): pdf version

Junior League of Philadelphia. Records, 1912-2009 (Collection 3717): html version

Justice, Jefferson. Papers, 1862-1891 (Collection 1302) html version

Kapp, Samuel S. Family papers, 1861-1863 (Collection 3066): pdf version

Karavin family. Papers, circa 1906-1992 (Collection 3122): pdf version

Katzenstein, Caroline. Papers, circa 1850-1965 (Am .8996): html version

Kearney family. Papers, 1900-2015 (Collection 4187): html version

Keebler, William. Papers, 1939-1945 (Collection 2166): html version

Kelpius, Johannes. Collection of German hymns, 1707-1772 (Am .088): html version

Kenny, James. Journal, 1758-1763 (Am .09): pdf version

Kensington Soup Society. Records, 1860-2009 (Collection 3119): pdf version

Kephart, Calvin I. Genealogical research files, 1911-1969 (GSP001): pdf version

Keystone View Company. Lantern slides, ca. 1900-1920 (Collection V29): pdf version

Kirk & Nice, Inc. Records, 1831-1988 (Collection 3414): html version

Kistler family. Tannery records, 1866-1891 (Collection 3631): html version

Kneass family. Papers, 1835-1878 (Collection 1891): html version

Knerr, Morgan W. Notebooks, 1890-1899 (Collection 2124): pdf version

Kobayashi, Sumiko. Papers, 1941-1989 (MSS073 and PG280): html version

Kobayashi, Sumiko. Papers (additions), 1942-2003 (MSS073A): pdf version

Kobayashi, Susumu. Papers, 1942-1975 (MSS071 and PG223): html version

Kolankiewicz, Leon J. Papers, 1888-1978 (Collection 3071): pdf version

Krider Gun Shop. Records, 1845-1916 (Collection 3297): html version

Kroekel, Charles. Papers, 1860-1975 [formerly the Paul Kroekel Papers, 1648-1975] (MSS179): pdf version

L. H. Alden and Company [Aldenville, Pa.]. Records, 1829-1883 (Collection 1484): pdf version

Ladies Pennsylvania Slovak Catholic Union. Records, 1905-1984 (MSS056 and PG241): html version  pdf version

Lagakos, Gregory G. Papers (additions), 1937-1989 (MSS169): pdf version

Langman, Ida K. Scrapbook, 1919-1956 (Am .0877): html version  

Lantern and Lens Gild of Women Photographers. Records, 1904-2004 (Collection 3085): pdf version

Lapolla, Garibaldi Mario. Papers, 1930-1976 (MSS064 and PG252): html version

Lardner family. Papers, 1683-1919 (Collection 2171): html version

Larned family. Papers, 1777-1822 (Collection 1695): pdf version

Laurens, Henry. Papers, 1762-1780 (Collection 356): pdf version

Law, Tsiwen M. Papers, 1931-1993 (Collection 3019): html version  xml version

Lea & Febiger. Records, 1785-1982 (Collection 227B): pdf version

Lea & Febiger. Records, 1815-1992 ( pdf version

League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania. Records, 1867-1988 (Collection 2095): html version

League of Women Voters of Philadelphia. Records, 1920-1984 (Collection 1940): html version

Leas, Earl. Correspondence, 1943-1945 (Collection 3417): html version

Lee Kan. Document, 1879 (SC088): html version

Lee. Sir George. Papers, 1689-1753 (Collection 361): pdf version

Lee, George F. Papers, 1820-1893 (Collection 1902): html version

Thomas Leiper and family business records, 1771-1947 ( html version

Lehman, Christian. Papers, circa 1704-1867 (Collection 362): html version

Leonard, Edith Lincoln. Collection, 1916-1945 (Collection 2113): html version

Lerner, Albert. Papers, 1918-1969 (Collection 1974): html version

Library Company of Philadelphia minute books, 1731-2000 (Library Company of Philadelphia): html version

Library Company of Philadelphia publications, 1834-2006 (Library Company of Philadelphia): html version

Library Company of Philadelphia shareholders records, 1732-2007 (Library Company of Philadelphia): html version

Lightfoot family. Papers, 1726-1933 (Collection 371): pdf version

Lippincott, Dundas, and Wurts families. Papers, 1754-1956 (Collection 4351): html version

Lithuanian Music Hall Association. Records, 1873-1992 (Collection 3043): pdf version

Lloyd-Hayward family. Papers, 1783-1981 (Collection 3053): pdf version

Loane, W. Paul. Papers, 1960-2001 (Collection 3092): pdf version   xml version

Lockard, Joseph F. Papers, 1928-1988 (Collection 3673): html version

Logan family. Papers, 1638-1964 (Collection 379): html version

Logan family. Papers, 1684-1925 ( html version

Logan family. Papers, 1704-1842 (Collection 2023): html version

Logan-Fisher-Fox family. Papers, 1703-1940 (Collection 1960): pdf version

Long, A. H. Journals, 1880-1887 (Collection 3121): pdf version

Lorimer, George Horace. Papers, 1900-1947 (Collection 1679): html version

Louis G. Hollis collection on the Improved Order of Red Men, 1817-1902 (Collection 1689): html version

Lourie, Norman V. Papers, 1939-1992 (MSS158): pdf version

Lovekin Water Heater Manufacturing Company. Records, 1911-1961 (Collection 4258): html version

Lowell, Charles Winthrop. Papers, 1860-1867 (Collection 2068): html version   xml version

Lowengrund, Leona Hyneman. Scrapbook and photographs, 1830-1881 (Collection 4191): html version

Loyal Orange Institution of the United States of America. Records, 1883-1974 (MSS103): html version

Loyal Orange Institution records [unprocessed additions], 1868-1997 (Collection D0462): pdf version

Lucy Sachsenheimer collection of World War I letters and memorabiliam 1916-1919 (Collection 4326): html version

Lukas, Edwin. Papers, 1937-1973 (MSS032): html version

Lynch, John Wheaton. Papers, 1860-1866 (Collection 1609): pdf version

Macalester and de Pedroso families. Papers, 1806-1985 (Collection 4358): html version

MacArthur, Hugh. Papers, 1910-1963 (Collection 4250): html version

MacCarley, John. Collection of Willow Grove concert programs, 1904-1925 (Collection 3147): html version

MacManus, Susan Ritter Trautwine. Diaries, 1857-1881 (Am .1002): html version

MacVeagh family. Papers, 1833-1950 (Collection 1616): pdf version

Madeira, Edith. Papers, 1900-1951 (Collection 2053): pdf version

Magdalen Society of Philadelphia. Records, 1800-1974 (Collection 2016): pdf version

Maisano, Anthony. Papers, 1923-1973 (MSS002): html version

Malcolm, Malcom Vartan. Manuscript, 1919 (SC109): html version

Malta Boat Club. Records, 1867-2020 (Collection 1525): html version

Mantz, Nathan. Papers, 1676-1925 (Collection 3679): html version

Maria del Soccorso di Sciacca of Norristown. Records, 1904-1983 (Collection 3508): html version

Marie Ward collection of New York Turn Verein memorabilia, 1925-1975 (Collection 3409): html version

Markle family. Papers, 1873-2020 (Collection 4468): html version

Markoe family. Papers, 1773-1940 (Collection 1935): html version

Marriot C. Morris collection on cycling, 1881-1980 (Collection 3712): html version

Marshall, Christopher. Papers, 1744-ca. 1971 (Collection 395): pdf version  xml version

Mass transit and transportation. Collection, circa 1960-circa 1991 (Collection 4008): html version

Max Weiner collection on Consumer Education and Protective Association records, 1962-1991 (Collection 3427): html version

Maxwell-Latshaw family. Photograph album, ca. 1860-1880 (Collection 3105): pdf version

Mayer family. Letters, 1862-1865, 1999 (Collection 4565): html version

McAllister, John A. Collection, 1683-1881 ( html version

McAllister, John A. Correspondence, 1863 (SC011): html version

McCall family. Papers, 1764-1891 (Collection 1786): pdf version

McCall family. Papers, 1742-1936 (Collection 4088): html version

McCracken and Sonet World War II correpondence, 1942-1946: html version

McDaniel, Thelma. Collection, 1935-1989 (Collection 3063): pdf version

McGlinn, Frank. Collection, 1835-1993 (Collection 3314): html version

McKean, Ranie Dayton. Papers, 1872-1887 (Collection 3084): pdf version

McKean, Thomas. Papers, 1757-1892 (Collection 405): pdf version

Meade, George G. Collection, 1811-1897 (Collection 410): html version

Merchants Fund. Records, 1853-2003 (Collection 3520): html version

Meredith family. Papers, 1756-1964 (Collection 1509): pdf version

Meredith, William. Legal papers, [1659], 1770-1901 (Collection 3302): html version

Merion Cricket Club (Haverford, Pa.) Papers, 1865-1923 (Collection 1353): html version

Mickley, Joseph J. Collection, [1636-1691] circa 1840-1880 (Collection 647): html version

Milgram, Morris. Papers, 1923-1994 (Collection 2176): html version

Miller and Prichard families. Papers, 1850-2021 (Collection 4465): html version

Miller, Dickey, and Cross families. Papers, 1805-1889 (Collection 4368): html version

Miller, Robert. Diaries, 1941-1997 (Collection 4575): html version

Mills, Charles K. Scrapbooks, 1863-1931 (Collection 424): html version   xml version

Miscellaneous documents related to Indian-white relations in northeastern United States, 1637-1970 (Collection 3291): html version

Mitchell, John. Papers, 1812-1814 (Collection 426): pdf version

Molek, Ivan. Papers, 1882-1958 (MSS178): pdf version

Montgomery and Forster familes. Papers, 1779-1910 (Collection 4545): html version

Montgomery, Scott, and Wheeler families. Papers, 1675-2018 (Collection 4470): html version

Moore, James Clark. Collection, 1683-1830 (Collection 1408): pdf version

Moore, J. Hampton. Papers, 1786-1952 (Collection 1541): pdf version

Moore, J. Hampton. Peace Jubilee Celebration collection. 1898-1899 (Collection 941): pdf version   xml version

Moore, Samuel T. Papers, 1866-1948 (Collection 3564): html version

Moore, William J. Papers, 1871-1952 (MSS121): html version

Morin transcription of La Science du Bonhomme Richard, 1778 (Am .8085): pdf version

Morris family. Papers, 1694-1935 (Collection 2000A): html version

Morris family. Papers, 1695-1965 (Collection 2000B): pdf version  pdf family tree

Morris family. Papers, 1676-1930 (Collection 2000E): html version

Morton, Samuel George. Papers, 1832-1862 ( html version

Mrs. Stacy B. Lloyd papers on the American Red Cross's Allied Prisoners of War Food Packing Service, 1940-1945 (Collection 3467): html version

Muhlenberg, Henry. Papers, 1781-1816 (Collection 443): html version

Museum Council of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. Records, 1939-2004 (Collection 2083): html version

Mutual Assurance Company (Green Tree). Records, 1784-1995 (Collection 2189): html version

"My North Philly" project interviews, 2005-2007 (Collection 3639): html version

Nagorski, Zygmunt, Sr. Papers, 1920-1969 (MSS025): html version

National Carl Schurz Association. Records, 1709-1995 (MSS167): pdf version

National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs. Records, 1908-1982 (MSS171): pdf version

National Organization for Women. Philadelphia Chapter Records, 1968-1977 (Collection 2054): html version   xml version

Naturalization Records [Mahoning County, Ohio] Documents, 1900-1933 (MSS091): html version

Nautical charts of the West Indies and the coasts of Brazil, Madagascar, and Africa, 1790-1810 (Collection 3064): pdf version

Nazareth Hall School for Boys. Account books, 1785-1870 (Collection 1521): html version

Neagle, John. Papers and related items, 1818-circa 1926, 1990 (Collection 2112): html version

Netherlands Society of Philadelphia. Records, 1778-2007 (MSS078): html version

New Century Trust. Records, circa 1854-2004 (Collections 3097): pdf version

New Helvetica Society, Pennsylvania Chapter. Records, 1938-1973 (MSS011): html version

New Immigrants Initiative. Collection, 1976-2004 (Collection 3442): html version

Newbold, Griscom, and Wysong families. Papers, 1727-1983 (Collection 3448): html version

Newsam, Albert. Print collection, 1822-1881 (Collection V100): pdf version

Nice, John. Family papers, 1764-1864 (Collection 451): pdf version

North American Land Company. Records, 1765-1904 (Collection 1432): html version

Northern Dispensary of Philadelphia for the Medical Relief of the Poor. Records, 1816-1904 (Collection 1687): html version

Northern Liberties [Philadelphia, Pa.] Board of Commissioners. Collection, 1838-1854 (Am .3801): pdf version

Noyes, Stephen H. Papers, circa 1916-1925 (Collection 1472): html version

Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Philadelphia. Records, 1913-1984 (Collection 3002): html version

Oakley, Violet. Engraving plates, circa 1922-1946 (Collection 3334): html version

Oakley, Violet. Sketchbooks and pageant paintings, 1893-1979 (Collection 3336): html version

O'Donovan, William Rudolph. Papers, 1846-1920 (Collection 1575): pdf version

Old First Reformed Church. Records, 1741-1976 (Collection 3010): html version   xml version

Oliver H. Bair Company records, 1920-1980 (Collection 3338): html version

O'Neill, Bertram Lippincott. Papers, 1966-2000 (Collection 3011): pdf version

Orphan Society of Philadelphia. Records, 1814-1965 (Collection 1913): pdf version

Palmer Cemetery. Records, 1805-1992 (Collection 3742): html version

Panama-Pacific International Exposition photographs of Alexander Stirling Calder sculptures, 1915 (Collection 4544): html version

Pan Asian Association of Philadelphia. Records, 1982-1990 (MSS138 and PG358): html version

Pan Macedonian Association. Records, 1947-1990 (MSS106): html version

Parker, Daniel. Papers, circa 1792-1848 (Collection 466): pdf version

Parrish and Pemberton families papers, 1614-1880 (Collection 1653): html version

Parry, George F. Family volumes, 1858-1898, 1917 (Collection 3694): html version

Parry, Susan. Volumes, 1849-1911 (Collecton 3695): html version

Pastorius, Francis Daniel. Papers, 1683-1719 (Collection 475): html version

Pastorius, Francis Daniel. Records, 1689-1910 (Am .3714): html version

Patterson, Henry Carter. Papers, 1929-1972 (MSS004): html version

Paul collection of Civil War papers and related ephemera, 1860-1894 (Collection 3689): html version

Paul family. Papers, 1709-1956 (Collection 2033): html version   xml version

Paull, Joseph. Papers, 1942-1966 (MSS044 and PG129): html version

Peale family. Papers, 1794-1858 (Collection 481): html version

Pease, Herbert Moxley. Correspondence, 1896-1927 (Collection 3654): pdf version

Penington family. Papers, 1769-1882 (Collection 1435): html version   xml version

Penn Athletic Club of Philadelphia. Papers and photograph albums, 1892, 1922-1945 (Collection 1820): html version


Penn family. Papers, 1592-1960 (Collection 485A): html version

Pennsylvania Abolition Society. Papers, 1751-1992 (Collection 490): html version

Pennsylvania Council of National Defense and Committee of Public Safety records, 1917-1921 (Collection 1551): html version

Pennsylvania Counties miscellaneous records, 1708-1901 (Collection 488): html version

Pennsylvania Population Company. Records, 1785-1838 (Collection 489): html version

Pennsylvania Prison Society. Records, 1787-1966 (Collection 1946): pdf version

Pennsylvania Slovak Catholic Union. Records, 1890-1986 (Collection 3028): pdf version

Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Records, 1867-1923 (Collection 1709): html version

Penrose, Boies. Pictorial Philadelphia collection, 1852-1992 (Collection V60): html version

People's Voice. Editorial and research files, 1865-1963 (Collection 3086): html version

Perkins, Helen C. Scrapbooks, 1875-1912 (Collection V72): pdf version

Perot family. Papers, 1705-1956 (Collection 1886): pdf version

Peters family. Papers, [1687/8]-1871 (Collection 499): html version

Peters, Richard. Papers, 1697-1871 (Collection 498): html version

Philadelphia and Lancaster counties militia records, 1778-1782 (Am .23): html version

Philadelphia Bicycle Club. Records, 1879-1902 (Collection 1357): html version

Philadelphia Board of Trade. Records, 1801-1942 (Collection 1791): html version

Philadelphia Bureau of Unemployment Relief. Records, 1930-1933 (Collection 1585): html version

Philadelphia, Pa. City Council. Petitions to the Select and Common Councils, 1783-1868 (Collection 1002): pdf version

Philadelphia, Pa. City Council. Ordinances, 1722 (Am .347): pdf version

Philadelphia City Institute. Records, 1852-2001 (Collection 3023): html version

Philadelphia County Board of Assistance records on employees dismissed for alleged Communist affiliations, 1940-1942 (Collection 1361): html version

Philadelphia County Dental Society. Records, 1886-circa 2019 (Collection 4325): html version

Philadelphia County (Pa.) Records, 1671-1855 (Collection 1014): pdf version

Philadelphia Cricket Club. Records, 1854-1921 (Collection 1439): html version

Philadelphia Ethical Society. Records, 1832-2014 (Collection 4141): html version

Philadelphia Federation of Women's Clubs and Allied Organizations, Inc. (PFWC). Records, 1943-1998 (Collection 3050): pdf version

Philadelphia Friendship Fete. Records, 1929-1982 (Collection 3074): pdf version

Philadelphia Girls' Rowing Club. Reco-rds, 1913-2011 (Collection 3670): html version

Philadelphia Rapid Transit scrapbooks, 1928-1932 (Collection 3651): html version

Philadelphia Record Photograph Morgue, circa 1900-1947 (Collection V07): html version

Philadelphia Record Photograph Morgue Reference Library, circa 1900-1947 (Collection 3946): html version

Philadelphia Record World War II casualty cards, 1944-1945 (Collection 3944): html version

Philadelphia Record World War II servicemen photographs, 1943-1944 (Collection 3945): html version

Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Papers, 1746-2005 (Collection 3070): pdf version

Pierson family. Papers, 1917-1928 (Collection 3040): pdf version

Pile family. Papers, 1793-1836 (Collection 1366): html version

Pisano and Siciliano families papers, 1910-2009 (Collection 3135): html version

Plastic Club. Records, 1888-2007 (Collection 3106): pdf version

Pleasants, Henry. Collection, 1693-1825 (Collection 1508): pdf version

Plowman, H. M. Diaries and journals, 1940-1945 (Collection 3653): html version

Plumsted family. Papers, 1702-1890 (Collection 1787): html version

Polish Union of the United States of North America. Records, 1891-1987 (MSS168): pdf version

Popovich, John. Papers, circa 1910-1973 (Collection 3473): html version

Potts family. Papers, 1683-1891 (Collection 520): html version

Potts, Jonathan. Papers, 1766-1780 (Collection 521): pdf version  html version

Potts, Marion E. Papers, 1942-1945, 1972-1973 (MSS035): html version

Powel family. Papers, 1681-1938 (Collection 1582): pdf version

Powel family. Papers, 1685-1884 ( pdf version

Presbyterian Ministers' Fund. Records, 1718-1962 (Collection 3101): pdf version

Preston Drainage Company. Records, 1904-2002 (Collection 3891): html version

Price family. Papers, 1729-1971 (Collection 4163): html version

Price family. Papers, 1840-1990 (Collection 3690): html version

Price, Joseph. Papers, 1783-1828 (Collection 1657): html version   xml version

Print Club. Archives, 1915-1995 (Collection 2065): html version

Progress Turnverein [Riverside, N.J.] Records, 1860-1976 (Collection 3057): pdf version

Proprietor of Pennsylvania accounts, 1701-1704 ( html version

Proud, Robert. Collection, 1681-1903 (Collection 529): html version

Psulkowski, Edward A. Letters, 1939-1968 (Collection 3123): html version

Puerto Rican Week Festival. Records, 1979-1987 (MSS119): html version

Public Baths Association of Philadelphia. Records, 1890-1950 (Collection 1999): pdf version

Purington, William J. Papers, 1855-1894 (Collection 4004): html version

Quaker testimonials and writings, 1703-1780 (Am .7223): pdf version

Quick, Lavington. Papers, 1847-1876 (Collection 532): html version

Quinn, Charles A. Family albums, 1898-1919 (Collection 3476): html version

Quong, Rose. Papers, 1924-1973 (MSS132 and PG352): html version

R. D. Wood & Co. Records, 1858-1910 (Collection 1176): pdf version

R. R. Logan. Collection of John Dickinson papers, 1671-1882 (Collection 383): pdf version

Ralston, James Grier. Papers, 1833-1881 (Collection 3153): html version

Randall, Samuel J. Papers, 1808-1890 (Collection 3377): pdf version

Rawle family. Papers, 1682-1921 (Collection 536): pdf version

Rawle & Henderson. Collection, 1800-circa 1962 (Collection 3109): pdf version

Read family. Letters, 1716-1872 (Collection 537): html version

Read family. Papers, 1792-1896 ( html version

Read, John Meredith. Papers, 1746-1917 (Collection 1668): html version

Rector, Justine J. Papers, 1870-2000 (Collection 3088): pdf version

Rector, Justine J. Papers, 1943-1989 (MSS076): html version

Redfield, John H. Meteorological observations, 1862-1894 (Collection 3116): pdf version

Redwood, William. Account books, 1749-1814 (Amb .7256): html version

Reed and Forde. Papers, 1759-1829 (Collection 541): html version

Reese, Minnie. Music collection, 1862-1911 (Collection 4569): html version

Reese, Tony. Papers, 1946-2013 (Collection 3719): html version

Register of German redemptioners, 1785-1831 (Am .3791): html version

Renaudet, Peter. Medical apprentice notebook, 1741 ( html version

Republican Women of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia chapter. Records, 1907-2014 (Collection 3354): html version

Rex family. Papers, 1712-1997 (Collection 3003): pdf version

Richardson, Eugene S. Jr. Genealogical research materials, 1807-1980 (GSP 096): html version

Rickard, Clair Miles. Letters and memorabilia, 1917-1919 (Collection 3867): html version

Ridge Turnpike Company. Account books, 1811-1822 (Amb .576): html version

Ritter family. Papers, circa 1840-2004 (Collection 3677): html version

Roberts, Jonathan. Papers, 1780-1930 (Collection 558): html version

Roberts, William Jr. Papers, 1831-1865 (Collection 3069): pdf version

Rodgers family. Papers, 1791-1885 (Collection 1208): html version  xml version

Rosenthal, Louis N. Lithographs, 1861-1863 (Collection 3128): html version

Roxborough Turners. Records, 1873-1981 (Collection 3056): pdf version

Royersford Spring Bed Company. Records, 1899-1935 (Collection 3359): html version

Ruben Reina collection of student papers in Anthropology, 1960-1983 (MSS 83): html version

Rulon, John W. Papers, 1807-1861 (Collection 1691): pdf version

Russell family. Papers, 1760-1869 (Collection 571): pdf version

Rush family. Papers, 1748-1876 ( html version

Russian Brotherhood Organization of the U.S.A. Records, 1900-1993 (Collection 3035): pdf version

Russoniello, Vincent. Papers, 1907-1985 (MSS047): html version

Sage, John E. Papers, 1919-2022 (Collection 4442): html version

Sager, John. Daybook, 1805-1817 (Collection 3042): pdf version

Salama, Andrew. Papers, 1903-1968 (MSS122 and PG309): html version

Samuel B. Fales collection of Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon papers, 1861-1886 (Collection 1580): pdf version   xml version

Santo Domingo Silver Mining Company. Records, 1891-1898 (Collection 3034): pdf version

Sarah Cresson transcriptions of James Parker letters and documents, circa 1916 (Am .0683): pdf version

Sartain family. Papers, 1771-1946 (Collection 1650): html version

Saunders House. Records, 1853-2011 (Collection 3687): html version

Saxe Randall, Natalie. Papers, 1923-1998 (Collection 3466): html version

Scandella, Giambattista. Papers, 1787-1798 (MSS101): html version

Scandinavian Fraternity of America. Records, 1902-1992 (MSS123): html version

School Cafeteria Employees Union, Local 634, UniteHere. Records, 1965-2004 (Collection 4095): html version

Schroeder family. Papers, 1837-1929 (Collection 4054): html version

Schurz, Carl. Papers, 1841-1915 (MSS079 and PG284): html version

Scopinich, Giordano J. Memoirs, 1978-2008 (Collection 3113): pdf version

Scotch-Irish Foundation Library and Archives. Collection, 1889-2001 (Collection 3093): pdf version

Scots Presbyterian Church [Philadelphia, Pa.] Records, 1768-1791 (Collection 3031): pdf version

Scots Thistle Society. Records, 1806-1895 (MSS144): html version

Sessler, Charles. Records, 1908-1978 (Collection 3205): pdf version

Sharples, Catharine Franklin . Family papers, 1709-1866 (Collection 3062): pdf version

Shee family. Papers, 1775-2009 (Collection 3154): html version

Shelton, Bernice Dutrieuille. Papers, 1913-1983 (MSS131 and PG351): html version

Shoemaker, Thomas H. Germantown and Philadelphia portraits and views collection, 1863-1922 (Collection V86): pdf version

du Simitière, Pierre Eugène. Collection, 1492-1784 ( html version

Simpson, Alvah E. Papers, 1867-1949 (Collection 3012): html version  xml version

Singer and Bunker families. Papers, 1719-2011 (Collection 3958): html version

Slovak Catholic Sokol, Assemblies No. 61 and No. 173 and Wreath No. 61 (Philadelphia, Pa.) records, 1920-1966 (Collection 3499): html version



Slovak Catholic Sokol Band [Philadelphia, Pa.] Records, 1919-1955 (MSS098): html version

Slovak Gymnastic Union Sokol Lodges No. 93 and No. 66W (Bethlehem, Pa.) printed matter and photographs, 1922-1976 (Collection 4087): html version



Smith family. Papers, 1660-1941 (Collection html version

Smith, Sarah A. G. Collection on 18th century merchants, 1705/6-1937 (Collection 1864): html version

Smith, William H. L. Papers, 1836-1869 (Collection 614): html version

Smith-Waln family. Papers, 1722-1891 (Collection 1628): pdf version

Societa di Mutuo Soccorso Napoleone Colajanni fra Castrogiovannesi. Records, 1911-1952 (MSS092): html version

Societatea Banateana-Vasile Alecsandri. Records, 1906-1982 (Collection 3685): html version

Society of Friends. Records, 1782-1835 (SC054): html version

Sokolowski, Stefan. Papers, 1911-1978 (MSS176): pdf version

Solis-Cohen, Jacob, Jr. Papers, 1925-1960 (MSS014): html version

South Asian Immigrants in the Philadelphia Area Oral History Project, 1996 (Collection 3211): html version

South Philadelphia Women's Liberty Loan Committee. Records, 1917-1919 (Collection 217): pdf version

Southeast Asian Resource Action Center. Records, 1979-1999 (Collection 3021): html version  xml version

Southwark Soup Society. Records, 1855-1949 (Collection 3024): pdf version

Spanish Merchants Association of Philadelphia. Records, 1970-1988 (MSS114 and PG325): html version  pdf version

Springton Farm/Forge. Daybook, 1802-1866 (Collection 3997): html version

St. David's Church [Radnor, Pa.] Records, ca. 1760-2008 (Collection 1478): html version

St. Peter Claver Roman Catholic Church. Records, [1834]-1996 (Collection 3513): html version

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Stanton, Patrick. Papers, 1927-1976 (MSS031): html version

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Stevens-Cogdell-Sanders-Venning collection, 1734-1976 ( html version

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Stout collection, 1925-2003 (GSP116): html version

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Swiss Benevolent Society of Philadelphia. Records, 1860-1972 (MSS013): html version

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Sykes, Charles H. Papers, 1836-1942 (Collection 3656): html version

Tacha, Athena. Papers, 1942-2000 (Collection 3518): html version

Tayoun family. Papers, 1920-1991 (MSS150): pdf version

The Black Cop of Philadelphia collection, 1969-2006 (Collection 3809): html version

The Latino Project. Records, 1962-1985 (MSS117): html version  pdf version

The Life, Studies, and Works of Benjamin West, Esq., by John Galt, in extra-illustrated form, 1682-1844 (Collection 3239): html version

The Lighthouse. Records, 1893-2000 (Collection 1970): pdf version

The Links, Inc. Eastern Area Archival Collection, 1946-2015 (Collection 3055): html version

The Philadelphia Award. Records, 1899-2008 (Collection 3081): pdf version

The Right Angle Club. Records, 1922-2015 (Collection 4210): html version

The Weeders. Records, 1907-2006 (Collection 3555): html version

Theatre of the Living Arts of Philadelphia. Records, 1930-1971 (Collection 3378): html version

Thomas, Thomas L. Papers, 1924-1995 (Collection 3100): pdf version

Thompson family. Papers, 1607-1936 (Collection 654): pdf version

Thuy, Vuong G. Papers, 1976-1992 (Collection 3017): html version   xml version

Tousard, Anne Louis de. Papers, 1765-1888 (Collection 664): html version

Trent, William. Ledger, 1703-1709 (Collection 3061): pdf version

Trumbauer, Horace. Collection, circa 1898-circa 1947 (Collection V36): pdf version

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Twigs, Inc. Marlton, New Jersey Chapter. Records, 1982-1992 (MSS152): html version

Twigs, Inc. National Office. Records, 1967-1998 (MSS151): html version

Twigs, Inc. North Montgomery County (Pa.) Chapter. Records, 1973-1986 (MSS153): html version

Twigs, Inc. Philadelphia Chapter. Photographs, 1977-1985 (PG382): html version

Twigs, Inc. Philadelphia Chapter. Records, 1959-1998 (MSS154): html version

Ujima Collective. Records, 1996-2000 (Collection 3523): html version

Ullberg family. Papers, 1863-1967 (SC069 and PG067): html version

Underwood, Robert. Papers, 1786-1841 (Collection 4653): html version

Unger, Claude W. Collection, 1647-1921 (Collection 1860A): html version

Union Benevolent Association. Records, 1831-1983 (Collection 1784): pdf version

United American Indians of the Delaware Valley, Inc. Records, 1963-1992 (Collection 3048): pdf version

United Ancient Order of Druids, Franklin Grove, No. 10. Records, 1856-1876 (MSS016): html version

United Singers of Philadelphia. Records, 1887-1932 (Collection 3524): html version

United States. Board of Treasury. Report on the financial condition of the United States, 1781-1783 (Am .656): pdf version

United States Sanitary Commission Philadelphia Branch collection, 1861-1875 (Collection 679): html version

University Glee Club of Philadelphia. Records, circa 1930-2012 (Collection 3696): html version

U. S. Army Ambulance Service. Records, 1918-1919 (Collection 3976): html version

USS Alliance. Ledger, 1782-1783 (Collection 3033): pdf version

Vagionis, Nicholas. Papers, 1923-1973 (MSS033 and PG069): html version

Valley Mutual Insurance Company. Records, 1831-1991 (Collection 3718): html version

Vauclain family papers and genealogical research files, 1904-circa 2008 (Collection 3666): html version

Vaux family. Papers, 1739-1923 (Collection 684): html version   xml version

Vaux, George Jr. Diary of a trip to Yellowstone Park, 1885 (Collection 3844): html version

Vernon, Shirley J. Family history papers, 1793-2010 (Collection 3669): html version

Vigilant Committee of Philadelphia. Records, 1839-1844 (Am .3375): html version

Virginia Bassett Little collection on the Townsend, Bassett, and Little families, circa 1819-2010 (Collection 3111): pdf version

Viri Viginti Club of Philadelphia records, 1962-1999 (Collection 3529): html version

Voellinger, David. Collection of royal family of Monaco memorabilia, 1969-2023 (Collection 4642): html version

Volksverein of Philadelphia. Records, 1886-1949 (Collection 3530): html version

Wainwright, Nicholas Biddle. Papers, 1968-1990 (Collection 3001): html version   xml version

Walinsky, Ossip. Papers, 1916-1973 (MSS039): html version

Wallis family. Business papers, 1796-1859 (Collection 3134): pdf version

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Waln family. Papers, 1759-1888 (Collection 1651): html version

Wanamaker, John. Collection, 1827-1987 (Collection 2188): html version

Wannemacher family. Papers, 1879-1957 (Collection 3324): html version

Warder, Ann Head. Papers, 1786-1828. (Collection 2175): pdf version

Warley Bascom Sons. Business records, 1860-1970 (Collection 2030A): html version

Warley Bascom Sons. Ledger, 1903-1910 (Collection 2030B): html version

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Wayne, Anthony. Papers, 1765-1941 (Collection 699): html version

Weiser, Conrad. Papers, 1741-1783 (Collection 700): html version

Welsh, Herbert. Collection, 1759-1935 (Collection 702): html version

Welsh, John. Papers, 1806-1935 (Collection 1529): html version

West, Benjamin. Drawings, circa 1765-circa 1819 (Collection 3149): html version

West family. Diaries, 1895-1919 (Collection 4546): html version

Westcott, Thompson. A History of Philadelphia (scrapbooks), circa 1867-circa 1884 (Collection 3443): html version

Wetherill, John Price. Engineering notebook, 1881-1891 (Collection 3832): html version

Wharton and Willing families. Papers, 1669-1887 (Collection 2014): pdf version

Wharton family. Papers, 1679-1891. (Collection 708A): pdf version

White-Williams Scholars. Records, 1800-2001 (Collection 3025): pdf version

Whiteman family. Papers, 1849-1856 (Am .1881): pdf version

WHYY War Letters Collection, photocopies dated 1861-1972 (Collection 3060): pdf version

Wilkey, Thomas. Journal on board the U. S. S. Delaware, 1798 ( html version

Wilgus, William J. Papers, 1915-1916 (Collection 3006): html version   xml version

Willard, DeForest Porter. Diaries, 1884-1957 (Collection 3737): html version

Willings and Francis. Records, 1698-1855 (Collection 1874): pdf version

William Bauchop Wilson papers, 1880-1929 (Collection 1588): pdf version   xml version

Wilson Family. Papers, 1852-1933 (Collection 3090): pdf version

Wilson, James. Papers, 1710-1877 (Collection 721): html version

Wilt, Francis L. Diary, 1918-1919 (Collection 4005): html version

Winner, Septimus. Papers, 1845-1965 (Collection 1536): html version

Wise and Paskus families. Papers, 1937-1945 (Collection 4075): html version

Wister and Butler families. Papers, 1700-2004 (Collection 1962): html version

Wolf, Edwin, 2nd. Personal and professional papers, 1798-1996 (LCP.IA.1): html version

Wolf, George. Papers, 1817-1852 (Collection 731): html version

Women's Advisory Council of Philadelphia General Hospital. Records, 1915-1957 (Collection 1710): pdf version

Women's Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Records, 1870-1977 (Collection 3156): html version

Women's University Club, Philadelphia Branch of the American Association of University Women records, 1923-1995 (Collection 2138): pdf version   xml version

Women's Way of Philadelphia. Records, 1966-1997 (Collection 3434): html version

Wong family. Papers, 1907 (SC086 and PG072): html version

Wood and Bacon. Account books, 1773-1774, 1787-1827 (Collection 1589): html version

Woodlands Cemetery Company papers, 1798-1990 (Collection 3661): html version

Work Projects Administration posters.  Collection, 1933-1941 (Collection V99): html version

Workman's Circle, Philadelphia District. Records, 1931-1968 (MSS042): html version

Workman's Circle, Philadelphia District. Records [additions], 1940-1981 (MSS045): pdf version

Wright, Charles Adshead. Collection, 1810-1982 (Collection 3013): pdf version  pdf family tree

Wright, Thomas Cole. Diaries, 1850-1864 (Collection 3576): html version

Wright, William Redwood. Family papers, 1752-1928 (Collection 2096): html version

Wurster, Elizabeth. Photographs of Philadelphia, circa 1975-1992 (Collection 3624): html version

Yabuki, Dean. Papers, 1931-1993 (Collection 3015): html version   xml version

Yeates, Jasper. Papers, 1733-1876 (Collection 740): html version

Young Man's Institute Board of Trustees. Minutes, 1850-1863 (Collection 4052): html version

Zazyczny, Joseph L. Papers, 1955-1990 (MSS136 and PG362): html version

Zayon, Michael and Elliott. Collection, 1857-1946 (Collection 3594): html version