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History of the Lenape in the Lower Delaware Valley

In this program recorded at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania on February 27, 2020, learn more about the history of Lenape peoples in this region both historically and in contemporary times.

Incarceration in Pennsylvania, Then and Now

Pennsylvania has long been a center of prison reform movements, yet today it stands out as a state with one of the highest incarceration rates in the nation. This video is a record of the program on November 13, 2019 held at HSP.

From Opioids Back To Yellow Fever: Public Health in Philadelphia

In collaboration with Global Philadelphia, we’re reflecting on the city’s medical heritage with a talk featuring public historians and public health specialists, including Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley.

Becoming U.S. Food and Culture

Food is one of the strongest identifiers of place and home, and as such it can unite and separate us. This unique program will feature a panel discussion and cooking demonstration with culinary leaders in Philadelphia whose identities have informed their approach to cooking and food as vehicles for learning and community building. Join us at the Culinary Literacy Center of the Free Library of Philadelphia, share your own experiences, and enjoy tastings in the kitchen.

Asian American Diaspora in Philadelphia

Join us for an examination of the immigration histories of several of Philadelphia's most populous Asian ethnic communities.

Young American Muslims: Faith, Country, and Community

From concert halls to school corridors, from fire departments to fashion scene, from research labs to art studios and the TV screen, young American Muslims are confidently expressing their identities. They are also finding creative ways to counter anti-Muslim racism and conversing about critical issues that face their faith-communities and their country, all at once. In this conversation, held in collaboration with CAIR-Philadelphia, a number of young American Muslims from diverse backgrounds will think together and explore a meaningful path forward.