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African-Americans in the City of Independence: Dr. Randall Miller

Randall Miller shows how African-Americans coped with the harsh realities of antebellum Philadelphia by creating their own society within and apart from white Philadelphia. This society created away from white Philadelphia, gave African-Americans a sense of community that they would not have had otherwise.

Perspectives on the Civil Rights Movement in the North: Dr. Clemmie Harris

Professor Harris gives his perspective on the civil rights movement in the North during the 1950s and 1960s. This lecture was given at Independence Hall, an important site of protests during the civil rights movement.

The Liberty Bell: Dr. Gary Nash

Gary Nash discusses the evolution of the Liberty Bell from a statehouse bell into an international symbol of freedom.

Resources for National History Day 2017

This video highlights some of HSP's collection for possible topics for National History Day.

An Artist Embedded: Their Story; Our Story - African American Women and the Fight for Freedom

As part of the An Artist Embedded project, this program recorded at HSP on May 13, 2015, explored this largely ignored world of activist African American women toiling for freedom. How and where do we find evidence?  What can’t we know?  How do we fill in the gaps?

Stories from the Archives - Vegetarianism and the Bible Christian Society

HSP/LCP Fellow and PhD Candidate Kathryn Falvo discusses the Vegetarianism movement and the Bible Christian Society in the 19th Century. The Bible Christian society was the largest group of vegetarians in the United States.