Actions Involving Illegal Enslavement

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Actions Involving Illegal Enslavement

David Davis v. Elijah Clark. Gloucester County, NJ. 1787

The document details the requirements for the manumission of Elijah Clark's slaves.

George Stiles v. Daniel Richardson. Philadelphia. 1797-99

A case concerning Isaac, a free man who was sold as a slave to George Stiles by Daniel Richardson.

Marshall Green and Susan, alias Marcia Davis. Philadelphia. 1826.

A court rules that Marshall Green cannot be arrested under the fugitive slave act since he did not escape or flee, but had the consent of his owner to go to Pennsylvania to get his children.

Materials concerning two persons from Maryland. 1830

The court hears evidence to determine whether or not an allegedly enslaved woman, arrested by two Maryland men, is, in fact, free by virtue of her mother's manumission prior to her birth.

(AMS 051, box 4A/ microfilm reel 24)