David Davis v. Elijah Clark, 1787

David Davis v. Elijah Clark, 1787

PAS Papers Box 4A Manumissions
Actions involving illegal enslavement of free blacks, 1787-1830

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To all whom it may concern   Know ye, that I Elijah Clark of the County of Gloucester, State of New Jersey, have this Ninth Day of April in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred & Eighty Seven Liberated & Set Free my Negro Woman named Vine, with her two youngest Chrildren, To wit, Hannah & Fan, on Condition nevertheless that her Husband Pharoah or some other Person in his or her behalf Pay or Cause to be paid to me, my Certain attorney, Executors, or Administrators Thirty Pounds Lawfull money for sd negro Woman Vine in Six Annual payments, Each to be paid on the tenth day of April from this time Inclusive; five Pounds of which I Acknowledge to have received.  And for her Child Hannah Ten pounds to be paid in the two next Succeeding years as above mentioned In two Separate payments – And in Case of failure in any of the said payments respecting either of them, then the said negro Woman Vine or her Child Hannah are Liable to be Remanded into the Service of the said Elijah Clark, by him, his Heirs &c_.  In Testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand & Seal this ninth Day of April One Thousand Seven Hundred & Eighty Seven

The Witness Present
Leze Price    } The above is a true coppy of the original
Sarah Cox       Examined and composed by Me   David Davis

N.B ~ It was the opinion of the Court that Decided the Cause Between Davis & Clark that at the time this written Manumition was Executed by Clark, that It Took the Slavery of from all the within Named Negroes ~ not Excepting Hannah

It was also Proven In Court by Julias that Clark had Received full Payments of Pharo for the Negroes in Money & Work
          On those Two Things Depends all the Business of her freedom, David Davis