Forquiau v. Marcie and Children, 1805

Forquiau v. Marcie and Children, 1805

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Documents concerning cases in which slaves were awarded freedom

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Marcia Anne Callier Forquiau
Marcie and her two children
March the 21 st
Claimed by Plentiff for Slaves

Parties being before me this day the Plentiff with John Serjent Esq his Counsil and on motion by John Sargent
Posponed to the 22 9 O’Clock AM

March 22 Plentiff appearing with her Counsil and hearing the witness and for whant of further witnesses, Posponed to the 23rd 9 O’Clock Am 23th on a full hearing and Examining two witnesses for Plentiff & four witnesses in behalf of defenden at was fully proven that the Plentiff arrived in the City on the 23th day of March 1795 from the westindia with her slaves and recided in this City until some time in October the same at being above Six months

I do hereby Certify that the said Marcie and her two Children are no Slaves agreeable to the Laws of this State and where by me discharged accordingly given under my hand an seal this 23th day of March 1805                  

John Hunter
One of the Justice of the peace in and for the County of Philadelphia