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LGBT history in Pennsylvania is deep-rooted and diverse, encompassing the experiences of elites, celebrities, and leaders in arts and politics as well as those of the poor and marginalized. This issue of Legacies explores a few episodes and individuals in Pennsylvania's past that shed light on this history.

Pennsylvania Pride: LGBT Histories of the Commonwealth

Table of Contents

Recognizing Our Supporters

Note from the Editor
Queering Pennsylvania History
by Rachel Moloshok

Window on the Collections
Unmasking "Dr. Anonymous" in the John Fryer Papers
by Ain Gordon and Beth A. Twiss Houting


The Queer History of Passing as a Man in Early Pennsylvania
by Jen Manion

Schoolgirl Smashes, David-and-Jonathan Relationships, and Champagne Friendships: Mining the Archive for LGBT History
by Cornelia S. King and Don James McLaughlin

Sitting In, Speaking Out: Pennsylvania's Revolutionary Homophile Movement
by Susan Ferentinos

Taking It to the Streets: AIDS, Race, and Protest in Philadelphia
by Dan Royles

Teachers' Turn
LGBT History: It's Time to Come Out
by Amy Cohen

Lives between the Lines: Finding LGBTQ Family History
by Thomas MacEntee


Legacies for Kids
by Christopher A. Brown

Book and Website Reviews
by Sarah Duda

Food for Thought
Building Bridges—and Communities
by Mark Segal

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