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The Balch Institute

Founded in 1971, the Balch Institute documented the histories and experiences of over sixty ethnic groups in the United States. In 2002, HSP merged with the Balch Institute and acquired its holdings, including manuscripts, images, and other records.

HSP has continued the Balch legacy by collecting materials that document the history of various ethnic groups in the United States. HSP also continues to sponsor Balch Fellowships for those interested in researching ethnic/immigrant experiences in the United States. Lastly, HSP maintains programs and lesson plans that involve the Balch collections as well.

What it includes:
The main holdings of the Balch collections are records of ethnic benefit groups, politics and community advocacy, and ethnic media, such as newspapers, pamphlets, and other printings.

The ethnic and cultural groups primarily represented within the Balch Institute are:
• African-Americans
• Chinese
• German
• Greek
• Italian
• Irish
• Latino
• Japanese
• Jewish
• Native American
• Polish
• Puerto Rican
• Slovak
• Ukrainian

The Balch Institute’s records are not limited to ethnic history. They also contain information regarding genealogy, family history, neighborhood history, political history, women’s history, and labor history.