Customized Research Services

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Customized Research Services

HSP offers customized services, including professionally designed family history books and in-depth genealogical research. Services include:

Personal History Book

Turn your family history into a professionally designed heirloom-quality book. HSP has partnered with Wild Blue Books to provide this service, which starts at $2,500. Includes:

  • 4-10 hours of interviewing
  • Unedited audio CDs of the interview
  • Editing and writing of the narrative story and revisions to the manuscript
  • 30 photographs or historical documents
  • Photo editing and photo captions, page layout, and book and cover design
  • Heirloom-quality book professionally designed and bound in a hardcover with a unique dust jacket cover

Multi-Week, In-Depth Genealogical Research

HSP will connect you with an independent professional genealogist who will meet with you, assess your oral history, examine your existing personal archival material (photos, family Bibles, vital documents, etc.), and conduct a multi-week project to produce a detailed history of your family.

To take advantage of either of these two customized options, contact the Library Director.