Commemorating Indiana Veterans of the Civil War

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Commemorating Indiana Veterans of the Civil War

This lesson’s main learning objective is for students to use primary sources to research Indiana veterans of the Civil War. This research will result in a better understanding of the contributions of these veterans and why the Soldiers and Sailors Monument is integral in communicating the importance of their achievements.


Indianaoplis , IN

Type of Landmark

Monument or memorial


19th century
20th century
Civil War

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to identify Indiana veterans of the Civil War on the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.
  • Students will analyze a specific Hoosier veteran and their contributions to the Civil War.
  • Students will evaluate the impact of their specific veteran and why that person is commemorated on the monument.

Suggested Instructional Procedures

  1. Hook the class with pictures of monuments. Ask them to define the word monument and identify a monument in our city. Display the questions “What is the purpose of a monument, and who do monuments typically commemorate?”
  2. Use think-pair-share activity with the question.
  3. Assign an Indiana veteran that is represented on the monument to each student.
  4. Walk to the monument and have the students find that name on the monument. Write down any information about the veteran that is on the monument.
  5. Students will define key vocabulary in small groups.
  6. Class discussion on the vocabulary, including the importance of primary sources when doing historical research.
  7. Teacher will read two diary entries from Indiana veterans of the Civil War.
  8. Introduce project to students. Model graphic organizer and how to present an oral report.
  9. Primary Source Activity: Students will research their veteran online using the URL links. Teacher will guide students through this process.
  10. Students will independently complete a worksheet about their veteran researching topics indicated on it.
  11. Students will use the information from the worksheet to create a 5 minute oral presentation of their veteran.
  12. Presentations will be done at the monument in front of the name of their veteran.


Monument: A structure or place built to honor an event, movement, person, or group of people.

Commemorate: To do something to remember and honor an event, movement, person, or a group of people.

Biography: A story of a person's life.

Veteran: An individual experienced in what they do; in this instance a person who was a soldier or sailor, and had the experience of war.

American Civil War: A conflict between 1861 and 1865 between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America over the issue of slavery and state's rights

Primary Source: A document written in the past that provides perspective on a past event.

Diary: An account of daily life of a person, usually written by themself.

Soldiers: A member of an armed ground force.

Sailors: A member of an armed naval force.


End of Lesson Assessment

Students will complete a self-assessment on what they learned from the project.

Students will also receive feedback forms from their peers after their oral presentation.

Background Material for Teacher