Relations with Native Americans

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Relations with Native Americans

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Indians of North America, government relations, Indian reservations, treatment of Indians, Herbert Welsh, Wanamaker, Indian councils, Indian relations--Pennsylvania--18th century, trade--native americans

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Indian Rights Association

-Herbert Welsh established the Indian Rights Association in 1882.

-The IRA worked to ensure the well-being of Native Americans.

-Welsh’s role with this organization greatly influenced American Indian policy in the 1900s and became the primary source of information for non-Indian audiences on Native American affairs.

-John Baxter Harrison, a Unitarian minister and abolitionist, also contributed writings to the IRA’s cause.

Rodman Wanamaker

-He belonged to the Wanamaker department store family.

-In his free time, he used his wealth and influence to support many causes, including documenting Native American populations through photographic expeditions.

-He also hosted the first meeting of what would later become the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) and was a professional golfer himself. In fact, the winner of the PGA championship receives the Wanamaker Trophy.

James Kenny

-A Quaker trader living in Chester Country, Kenny carried out two trading missions on behalf of the Commissioners for Indian Affairs during the French and Indian War - one to bring provisions to Pennsylvania and Ohio tribes, and another to manage a trading store in Pittsburgh.

-He kept a journal about his trips giving details about Native American life, as well as some of the events of the French and Indian War.