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Improving the City of Philadelphia

Creating public parks and safe drinking water for all - people and animals

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Fairmount Waterworks

    - First municipal water works in the United States

    - Became a model for similar facilities around the US

    - Today is an interpretive center educating visitors on the importance of an urban watershed and how to protect and care for it.


Eli Kirk Price/Fairmount Park Commission

    - Lawyer known for his real estate expertise

    - Original member of the city’s Park Commission, founded in 1867

    - Responsible for acquiring the land tract that later comprised Fairmount Park

    - Commission was formed to take charge of the land purchased to preserve the city’s water supply and provide a place of public enjoyment for the people.


Women’s Humane Society/Women’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

    - First animal shelter in the country

    - Founded by Caroline Earle White, April 1869

    - Began in order to improve the mistreatment of horses and dogs

    - Opened a small shelter in 1912 for cats, with the countries first animal adoption program