Journal C of Station No. 2, William Still, 1853, 14

Dec. 17. 1854

       Arrived_ John Bowen _  Had been in the neighbourhood of David Evans for 3 years or more_ and had accumulated some means_

       Expences for a Porter                                                                                  .25
       So Paid Mrs. Julius [1] for boarding a Fugi.                                                    .25

Dec. 21    Paid Mrs. Buchanan for keeping Bell Jackson 1 night                           $0.37 ¼
              Jackson was on Strict exam.believed to be an Imposter                      _______

Dec. 28/53

       Arrived_ Robt. Fisher [2], now Noah_ tall, dark age 30. Left John Ed. Jackson of AnaranallMd. On Christmas Eve.  Robt had never been married, for the reason as he assigned that he wished not to be incumbered_ to prevent his obtaining his freedom.  According law he was intitled to his freedom at the age of 25_ but had been illegally keept out of it, and saw no prospect of obtaining it through any lawfull process.  Robt spoke of his master as a very hard man_ who would work his servents early & late, without giving them food or clothing sufficient to shield them from cold & hunger.  His hands &c bore the most unmistakable marks of having experienced severe hardships owing to hard treatment he left.

       Nathan Harris [3] (now Joseph) came in company with Robt. Fisher, and had been owned by the Same man, and treated no better than his companion. Age 21, dark, not tall, rather interesting


To cash to each        $2                                                                         $4.00
 “   Board with Mrs. Julius                                                                          .75
 “       “        “    Buchanan                                                                         .50
 “       “      of John Bowen with Mrs. Julius                                                   .25

Dec. 30th 1853

Arrived_ Hansel Waples [4], from Millsboro, Indian River, Del. was owned by Wm E. Burton.  He ?had?left a wife and 6 children.  The wife left last June to collect money to buy her self but failed to return.  She was owned by the widow Sarah Martle.  Hansells owner was not considered to be a very hard master_ notwithstanding he had given H. the evidence to believe that he was inclined to sell him, which was the cause of his of his leaving.  Expences paid as follows:

To Cash                                                                                            $2.00
     Paid Board with Mrs. Buchanan                                                     .50


[1] Rebecca Julius lived at 21½ Mayland Street in 1854.

[2] Further details of Fisher’s life in slavery are contained in Still, Underground Rail Road, 206.

[3] Fisher converted Nathan Harris to his plan of escape which they successfully executed together.  Still, Underground Rail Road, 206.

[4] Waples intended to strike for Canada after leaving Philadelphia.  Still, Underground Rail Road, 207.


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