Journal C of Station No. 2, William Still, 1854, 35

                             Dec. 29/54
Arrived_ Wm Thompson arrived safely from Horses Cross Roads, Del. where he had been owned Lewis N. Wright, Farmer  He was a very hard master, and owned ten slaves.  Wm is of Small Stature_ smart & of chesnut color.  Left because he wanted to do better, and because the owner was about to sell him.
1____ Geo. Ross, now John Brown, also arrived with Wm Thompson_ from the same owner.  age 26, dark_ intelligent_  “Wanted to do better was the reason of his escape  Left a wife, Luisa.  Son Isaac H.  His Farther in law is named Dennis Betts_ To the Farther in law I am to write for Geo.’s wife to come on  Letter to be directed to Seaford, Del.

Harriet Tubman         Dec. 29/54
(6) Arrived_  John Chase, (now Dan. Lloyd), Benj. Ross (now Jas. Stewart) Henry Ross,(now Lewis Stewart), Peter Jackson, (now Stanch Tilghman) Jane Kane, (now Catherine K.) Robert Ross[4]
              John is 20 yrs of age, chesnut color, spair built, Smart &c  He fled from John Campbell Henry, a farmer, who resided at Cambridge, Dorchester, Md.  John spoke of his master as being a hard man_ owns 140 slaves.  Some hes sells, occasionally_  The owner would not allow John to Seek his own master_ this was the cause of his escape
       Left behind mother, Bro’s, & sisters, all slaves.
              Benj. Is 28 yrs of age, chesnut color, medium size, intelligent &c  He was owned by Eliza Ann Brodius_ lived neart Beecktown_ Cambridge Md.
The Mistress was discribed as being “very Devilish”_  Three slaves finding It difficult to support a family of 8 (whites) they had come to the conclusion to escape to save themselves from being sold.  had been threatened_
       Left Parents, 1 Sister Mary Ann Williams, she wants to come away
       Henry Left a wife, Harriet Ann_ (Sophia Brown She is to be known by now)_  He belonged to Eliza A. Brodius  He is Smart, 22 yr’s of age, chesnut color, &c.  Two little sons, he was obliged to leave behind.
       Peter came from Cambridge, had been owned by Geo. Wenthrop, Farmer, who had used him hard.  Left Free Parents_ He was born however before the liberation of his Mother.
              Catherine Kane, age 22, owned by Rash Jones_ the worst man in the County in which he lived at least was so thought to be by Catherine_ who had been very hardly used by him.
              Robt. Is 35 yrs of age, chesnut color_ well made &c.  Left 2 children_  From him a full statement was received but for want of time was not intered in the book.

  1__  Author Fowler[5] new name Benj. Johnson arrived from Spring Hill, Md. where he had been owned by Ed. Fowler.  A. is 30, medium size, dark, seems intelligent,  A. was induced to flee because he feared that he might soon fall into the hands of young heirs, from whom he could look for nothing but cruelty, and likewise the sale of himself, as they were noted for their extravagance &c.  He Suffered Severely while escaping_ got his feet badly frosted &c.

 [4] John Chase, Benjamin Ross, Henry Ross, Peter Jackson, Jane Kane, and Robert Ross are all discussed briefly in Still, Underground Rail Road, 296-99.  They all intended to settle in Canada.  Still did not note in either his journal or book that the three Ross men were the brothers of Harriet Tubman.  See Jean M. Humez, Harriet Tubman: The Life and the Life Stories (Madison: The University of Wisconsin Press, 2004), 219-22.

[5] For further details on Arthur Fowler and his flight, see Still, Underground Rail Road, 305.

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