Journal C of Station No. 2, William Still, 1855, 2

Jan. 10/55
(2) at one arrival_ Lloyd Hacket[1] new name Perry Watkins & Wm Henry Johnson[2], new name John Wesley.  both arrived from Md where they had been owned_ Lloyd by John Griffin_ & Wm, by John Hall.   Lloyd is about 55 dark Molato_ intelligent, and has the appearence of having been a man of sobriety & industry. His master he discribes as haveing been severe_ quite a fighter, not good to feed & clothes_ never suffered the slaves to stop for the badest of weather_ But would readily sell to Georgia_ Lloyd left a wife (Free) and one child_ the wifes name is Mary Ann.  the child, Wilburn_ L. left behind, in the possession of his old Master, the following Relatives
1 Bro. 1 sister & 2 neices_
       The fear of being sold was the cause of their escape_  Suffered much in walking_ & with hunger, other wise they managed to get on well.
              Wm is 24, dark Molato, well made, intelligent_ and is also of the more cultivated order.  His master was noted for tyrany and rufness.  Wm has suffered from his hands frequently_

 (1)                        Jan. 15/55
Arrived_ David Edmonds[3] arrived from Petersburg_ had been owned by John J Slatter Coach Maker,  He was a hard man_ only allowed him to$1.00 per week for board.  John is about 30_ black, weighes about 145_  Left a wife behind.

(2)                         Jan. 17
Arrived_ Hesekiah Hill [4] & James Anderson[5], both per st. “P.,”[6] from Richmond, Va.  Hesekiah is 30 yrs of age, well made_ dark complexion, and intelligent.  For 13 months he had been Secreted with fr’ds in Richd waiting an opportunity to escape.  several times had made attemps to get away while secreted but had failed_
       His first attempt to escape was induced by having heard that he was about to be sold_ indeed the Trader had actually made his appearence after him_ a moment being allowed him, to get his coat, he Seized it_ fled, was persued but not captured_ He then resolved to have his liberty if possible_ At this time he resided in Petersburg_ Walked from Petersburg that night to Richmond and there found frds_ To pass minor matters it is worthy of note to state that Hill had pd. at different times $1900- for himself.  Every Dols of which was wronged out of
       Left a wife Louisa, children_ Hesekiah Henry & Manuel.  All Free.  $100_ passage was pd for H.
          James is 7 yr’s of age, quite a smart, & sensible boy, and is the son of Julius Anderson. with whom Hesekiah was Secreted.  He is to come soon.

[1] Further details of Lloyd Hacket’s flight from slavery with William Henry Johnson are contained in Still, Underground Rail Road, 310-11.

[2] Further details on William Henry Johnson are in Still, Underground Rail Road, 310-11.

[3] Soon after arriving in Philadelphia, David Edwards departed for Canada with numerous letters of introduction.  Still, Underground Rail Road, 311.

[4] Hezekiah Hill was the uncle of John Henry Hill.  Despite nearly escaping by boat several times, Hezekiah hid himself in a space under a floor for thirteen months.  A tall and muscular man, his discomfort was enormous.  He went on to Canada West, where he settled in Toronto.  Still, Underground Rail Road, 200-02.

[5] The seven-year old James Anderson fled enslavement with Hezekiah Hill.  They both arrived safely in Toronto, Canada West, in January 1856.  After the Civil War James settled in Boston.  See Still, Underground Rail Road, 202-03.

[6] The steamship, Pennsylvania.

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