Bethlehem Steel: Forging Community, Spanning the Globe

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Bethlehem Steel: Forging Community, Spanning the Globe


Note from the Editor
by Tamara Gaskell Miller

Note from the President: Go (to) Bethlehem!
by David Moltke-Hansen

Around the World with Bethlehem Steel
by Sharon Ann Holt

Steel in the Wind: The Story of Galloping Gertie
by Sharon Ann Holt

Bethlehem Steel: The Rise and Fall of an Industrial Giant
by Lance E. Metz

Charles M. Schwab: The Forger of Bethlehem Steel
by Lance E. Metz

Working for the Steel, Creating a Community
by George A. Pinkey

Growing Up within the Sound and Shadow of Bethlehem Steel, 1930 to 1955
by Susan W. Clemens-Bruder

Rebuilding Bethlehem with Bethlehem Steel 
by Isidore Mineo

Where to See Pennsylvania's Industrial Past Today
Barbara Franco

Window on the Collections: La Prensa and the Mexican Workers of Bethlehem Steel 
Melissa M. Mandell

Teachers' Page
by Jennifer Coval

LEGACIES for Kids: Book Reviews
by the staff of Chris' Corner Books for Kids & Teens

Bright Ideas: The Age of Invention in America, 1870–1910, by Ann Rossi
Coolies, by Yin; illustrated by Chris Soentpiet
Kids on Strike, by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Bridges, by Seymour Simon
Machines at Work: Crane, by Fleur Star
Skyscraper, by Susan E. Goodman and Michael J. Doolittle

LEGACIES for Kids: Where in the World is Bethlehem Steel?

Book Reviews
by Melissa M. Mandell

Growing Up on the South Side: Three Generations of Slovaks in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1880–1976, by M. Mark Stolarik
Crisis in Bethlehem: Big Steel's Struggle to Survive, by John Strohmeyer
A Nation of Steel: The Making of Modern America, 1865–1925, by Thomas J. Misa
Bethlehem Steel, photographs by Andrew Garn; introduction by Lance E. Metz; foreword by michael A. Tomlan

Food for Thought: Industrial Preservation's Legacy
by Edward K. Muller

Cover image:  Detail of Bethlehem plant at sunset from the Minsi Trail Bridge over the Lehigh. Bethlehem Steel Company color transparencies and slides, Hagley Museum and Library.