Panic! Booms, Busts, and Hard Times


Note from the Editor
by Tamara Gaskell

Window on the Collection
by Christopher Munden

"The Most Disasterous and Never-to-be-Forgotten Year": The Panic of 1819 in Philadelphia
by J. David Lehman

Hard Time, Loco-Focos, and Buckshot Wars: The Panic of 1837 in Pennsylvania
by Sean Patrick Adams

Mother Jones and the Panics of 1873 and 1893
by Andrew B. Arnold

Soothing the People's Panic: The Banking Crisis of the 1930s in Philadelphia
by R. Daniel Wadhwani

Teachers' Page: The Human Impact of Bank Failures (JSTOR)
Teacher's Page, with resources (HSP website)
by Beth Twiss Houting and Michael Regan

Teachers' Turn: Somebody Loan Me a Dime
by Michael Regan

Legacies for Kids: Book Reviews
by Sarah Stippich

Book and Website Reviews
by Christopher Munden

Food for Thought: Archimedes, Property, Polity, and Panic: The Story behind Financial Crises in America
by Timothy R. Schantz

Image: Detail of "Wall Street during Financial Panic of 1884," from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1884. Courtesy of Hagley Museum and Library.