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Pennsylvanians and Their Environment


Note from the Editor
by Tamara Gaskell

Window on the Collections
by Eric Klinek

Oil at 150: Energy Past and Future in Pennsylvania
by Brian Black and Marcy Ladson

Sewers, Pollution, and Public Health in Philadelphia
by Adam Levine (pp. 14-19) 

Saving Penn's Woods: Deforestation and Reforestation in Pennsylvania
by Peter Linehan

Clearing the Air: Smoke Control in Pittsburgh, 1930–1960
by Sherie R. Mershon

Teachers' Page: Water: An Environmental Crisis in 19th-Century Philadelphia
by Ellen Freedman Schultz

Teachers' Turn: Connecting History to the World of Our Students
by Steven J. Silva

Legacies for Kids: Book Reviews
by Sarah Stippich

A Cool Drink of Water, by Barbara Kerley
10 Things I Can Do to Help My World, by Melanie Walsh
Up Close: Rachel Carson: A Twentieth-Century Life, by Ellen Levine
Looking Closely through the Forest, by Frank Serafini
John Muir: America’s First Environmentalist, by Kathryn Lasky; illustrated by Stan Fellows
Polar Bear, Why Is Your World Melting? by Robert E. Wells

Book and Website Reviews
by Eric Klinek

Devastation and Renewal: An Environmental History of Pittsburgh and Its Region, by Joel A. Tarr
Citizen Environmentalists, by James Longhurst
Flow: The Life and Times of Philadelphia's Schuylkill River, by Beth Kephart
The Gentle Subversive: Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, and the Rise of the Environmental Movement, by Mark Hamilton Lytle
Leg@cies: Interesting Places to Explore on the Web

Food for Thought: Lessons from Pennsylvania's Environmental Past
by Joel A. Tarr

Image: Head Waters of the Juniata Alleghany Mountains, Pennsylvania, color engraving after Thomas Cole painting.