PMHB, July 2007

PMHB, July 2007







Front Matter


Liberty without Tumult: Understanding the Politics of John Dickinson
by Jane E. Calvert

Pennsbury Manner: Reconstruction and Reality
by Mark Reinberger and Elizabeth P. McLean

Notes and Documents

Solving the Mystery of the Junto's Missing Member: John Jones, Shoemaker
by George W. Boudreau

Book Reviews

Horle, Foster, and Wolfe, eds., Lawmaking and Legislators in Pennsylvania: A Biographical Dictionary, vol. 3, 1757-1775
by William Pencak

McConville, The King's Three Faces: The Rise and Fall of Royal America, 1688-1766
by Craig Bryan Yirush

Larkin, Thomas Paine and the Literature of Revolution
by Ben Ponder

Cohen, British Supporters of the American Revolution, 1775-1783: The Role of "Middling-level" Activists
by Lesley Doig

Maxey, A Portrait of Elizabeth Willing Powel, 1743-1830
by George W. Boudreau

Hogeland, The Whiskey Rebellion: George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and the Frontier Rebels Who Challenged America's Newfound Sovereignty
by Paul Douglas Newman

Gallman, America's Joan of Arc: The Life of Anna Elizabeth Dickinson
by Ann D. Gordon

Franch, Robber Baron: The Life of Charles Tyson Yerkes
by John A. Baird Jr.

Sonenklar, We Are a Strong, Articulate Voice: A History of Women at Penn State
by Roger L. Geiger

Bauman and Muller, Before Renaissance: Planning in Pittsburgh, 1889-1943
by Jon A. Peterson

Smith, Green Republican: John Saylor and the Preservation of America's Wilderness
by Brian C. Black

Conn, Metropolitan Philadelphia: Living with the Presence of the Past
by Peter Siskind