PMHB, October 2009

PMHB, October 2009







Front Matter


A Looking-Glass for Presbyterians: Recasting a Prejudice in Late Colonial Pennsylvania
by Benjamin Bankhurst

Notes and Documents

Political Influence in Philadelphia Judicial Appointments: Abraham L. Freedman's Account
by Isador Kranzel, with Eric Klinek

Elizabeth Kirkbride Gurney's Correspondence with Abraham Lincoln: The Quaker Dilemma
by Max L. Carter

A Roundtable Discussion of Gary Nash's The Urban Crucible

Still Irreplaceable after Thirty Years
by John M. Murrin

The Urban Crucible as Urban History
by Benjamin L. Carp

It's the Economy and Class, Stupid: A Retrospective on The Urban Crucible
by Billy G. Smith

"Artisans" and the "Middling Sort" in Gary Nash's Eighteenth-Century Urban America
by Simon Middleton

Another Urban Crucible: Gary Nash and the New Black Urbanism
by Richard S. Newman

Reflections on The Urban Crucible Commentaries
by Gary B. Nash

Book Reviews

Roeber, ed., Ethnographies and Exchanges: Native Americans, Moravians, and Catholics in Early North America
by Richard W. Pointer

Lemay, The Life of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 3, Soldier, Scientist, and Politician, 1748-1757
by Barbara Oberg

Loane, Following the Drum: Women at the Valley Forge Encampment
by Holly A. Mayer

Falk, Architecture and Artifacts of the Pennsylvania Germans: Constructing Identity in Early America
by Robert St. George

Wenger, A Country Storekeeper in Pennsylvania: Creating Economic Networks in Early America, 1790-1807
by Paul G. E. Clemens

Varon, Disunion! The Coming of the American Civil War, 1789-1859
by Judith Giesberg

Silber, Gender and the Sectional Conflict
by Susan Hanket Brandt

Aronson, Nickelodeon City: Pittsburgh at the Movies, 1905-1929
by David Nasaw