PMHB, October 2013

PMHB, October 2013







Front matter


On the Origins and Intention of Benjamin Franklin’s “On the Providence of God in the Government in the World”
by Kevin Slack

Penn’s Great Expansion: Postwar Urban Renewal and the Alliance between Private Universities and the Public Sector
by John L. Puckett and Mark Frazier Lloyd

Notes and Documents

A Miller’s Tale of Captivity, Ransom, and Remembrance, 1758–1811
by Ian K. Steele

Book Reviews

Newman, On Records: Delaware Indians, Colonists, and the Media of History and Memory
by Marshall Joseph Becker

Patterson, The True Image: Gravestone Art and the Culture of Scotch Irish Settlers in the Pennsylvania and Carolina Backcountry
by Kevin Yeager

Anderson, The Unfinished Life of Benjamin Franklin
by Dee E. Andrews

Joseph, From Liberty to Liberality: The Transformation of the Pennsylvania Legislature, 1776–1820
by Joel Fishman

Bartle, Mortals with Tremendous Responsibilities: A History of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
by Joel Fishman

Gugliotta, Freedom’s Cap: The United States Capitol and the Coming of the Civil War
by Raymond W. Smock

Miller, ed., Lincoln and Leadership: Military, Political, and Religious Decision Making
by William D. Pederson

Burton, Podair, and Weber, eds., The Struggle for Equality: Essays on Sectional Conflict, the Civil War, and the Long Reconstruction
by Carl C. Creason

Mires, Capital of the World: The Race to Host the United Nations
by Dylan Gottlieb

Spencer, In the Crossfire: Marcus Foster and the Troubled History of American School Reform
by Dorothy Shipps

Rooney and Peterson, Allegheny City: A History of Pittsburgh’s North Side
by John F. Bauman