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Articles in the January 2020 PMHB consider the role of African Americans in the eighteenth-century abolition movement, the racial thought of a conservative Pennsylvanian during the Civil War, the efficacy of a World War I–era public health official, and the integration of a swimming pool in south-central Pennsylvania.


Front Matter


Gideon Moor’s Road to Freedom, 1764–1777

Amy C. Schutt and Judith L. Van Buskirk

Ending Slavery and Limiting Democracy: Sidney George Fisher and the American Civil War

Daniel W. Crofts

An Epidemic’s Strawman: Wilmer Krusen, Philadelphia’s 1918–1919 Influenza Epidemic, and Historical Memory

Jim Higgins

“Heat, Humidity and Humbug”: The Integration of the Municipal Swimming Pool in York, Pennsylvania, 1947–1954

M. Alison Kibler and Su Spina

Book Reviews