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Women and Politics in Pennsylvania History

Guest edited by Emma Jones Lapsansky and Marion W. Roydhouse, this special issue includes articles on gender roles within the Moravian community, the conflict between the personal and the political in the life of abolitionist Angelina Grimke, relationships between prominent African American women activists and the broader antebellum Black community of which they were a part, and the temperance politics of activist and author Frances Harper.


Front Matter


Christina Larocco


Too Young, Too Strident, Too Radical, Too Dangerous: American Women Pursue Political Voice

Emma Jones Lapsansky and Marion W. Roydhouse

Mary Penry and the Politics of Singleness

Scott Paul Gordon

The Invisible Force of Expectation: Angelina Grimke and the Dilemma of Self-Determination in the Early Women’s Movement

Beverly C. Tomek

“To Participate in the Knowledge of Piety, Truth and Justice”: African American Women and the Jeremiadic Call for Equality in Antebellum Philadelphia

Lacey P. Hunter

Interfering Women: Consumer Activism, Charity, and Women’s Rights in Frances Harper’s Sowing and Reaping

Jessica Conrad

Hidden Gems

Reform Work and Politics in the Writings of Mid-Nineteenth-Century Quaker Girls

Abigail Corcoran

Lilith M. Wilson, Trailblazing Socialist Leader and Legislator

Ian Gavigan

Back Matter