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Ethnic German American Genealogy

Wednesday, 3/26/14 10:30 pm - Thursday, 3/27/14 1:00 am

Event Type

Genealogy Workshop
Act 48/CEU Credits Offered
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
1300 Locust St.
19107 Philadelphia , PA

Join us for two genealogy workshops, led by German American genealogy expert James M. Beidler. The first, titled “Germany to Pennsylvania: An 18th-Century Odyssey,” will address the many stereotypes about the immigrants who came from German-speaking lands to Pennsylvania in the 1700s. This lecture uses the personal memoirs of the immigrants themselves to dispel myths about why they came, what the voyage was like, and how they liked America.

The second class, titled “German for Genealogists,” will explain the basic vocabulary and formats to enable the participants to read tombstones, church records, and simple documents of German-speaking people. Beidler is the author of forthcoming The Family Tree German Genealogy Guide, columnist for German Life magazine, and editor of the journal Der Kurier.

There will be refreshments available during a break between the two programs.