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Veterans' Voices at Small Repositories

2014-11-11 09:43

Today, Veterans Day, we honor the individuals who have served in the Armed Forces. Pennsylvanians have contributed selflessly to many military conflicts over United States history, and time and again, my co-surveyors and I have come across their stories in small repositories' collections throughout the Philadelphia area. We've highlighted a number of particularly rich archival resources relating to the topic in our Wars and Military Service page of our Small Repositories Subject Guide. To find many, many more collections relating to military service or a particular war, search the database of all small repository finding aids at

Anna Russell Jones was the first African American woman from Philadelphia to join the Armed Forces during World War II. Her papers are at the African American Museum in Philadelphia.

Bucks County Civil War Round Table Library and Museum

World War I scrapbook at Perkasie Historical Society (entire volume digitized by Villanova University here)

Drawing by James T. Caulfield, a homosexual soldier during World War II. His and his partner's papers are at the John J. Wilcox Jr. GLBT Archives of Philadelphia.

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