Teacher Workshop: 1968, The Year That Shattered America

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Teacher Workshop: 1968, The Year That Shattered America

2018-09-21 13:08

Civil rights, elections, protest, and police actions: How do we help our students understand how the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement still affect us America today?

Are you looking for primary sources on the 1960s? Or, perhaps new ways to create classroom discussion around Philadelphia’s involvement in the movements of the 1960s? Join us at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania this October for a Teacher Workshop series on focused around the 1960s.

This series combines public lectures and workshops and will discuss ways to turn stories of 1968 Philadelphia into engaging classroom activities. Each evening we will focus on:

  1. October 3 (5:30 pm to 8:30 pm): Behind the Marches - Find out how the values of Quakerism shaped the defining social movements of the 1960s, including the Civil Rights Movement, the Freedom Summer of 1964, and the Anti-War protests.

  2. October 10 (5:30 pm to 8:30 pm): Protest in the Streets - In the 1960s Philadelphia citizens took action to spur change, with consumer boycotts, pride groups, and street riots. How does this fiery period compare to today?

  3. October 24th (5:30 pm to 8:30 pm): Arts and Entertainment - Not just for entertainment, music, movies, and even comic books often reflect and address real societal issues. Explore the political role of art during one of the most turbulent periods the 20th century.


Act 48 credit will be awarded for each workshop attended, and participants will have an opportunity to earn extra credits by attending all workshops and completing classroom activities with their students.

Cost: $5 per workshop or $10 for the whole series.

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