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Additions to the Culinary Arts Collection

2021-04-29 09:53

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Empires of Food

TX353 .F77 2016

The Early American Cookbook

TX652 .C37 no. 382

Scotland’s Inner Man

TX652 .C37 no. 383

Favorite Dishes

TX652 .C37 no. 384

Domestic Duties, or Instructions to Young Married Ladies

TX652 .C37 no. 385

The Virginia House-Wife

TX652 .C37 no. 386

Mrs. Porter’s Cook Book and the Housekeepers’ Companion

TX652 .C37 no. 387

Mrs. McLintock’s Receipts for Cookery and Pastry-Work

TX652 .C37 no. 388

The Home Cook Book

TX652 .C37 no. 389

The Household Cyclopaedia of Practical Receipts and Daily Wants

TX652 .C37 no. 390

Pepys at Table

TX652 .C37 no. 391

Feed the Brute

TX652 .C37 no. 392

The Kentucky Housewife

TX652 .C37 no. 394

Practical Cooking and Serving

TX652 .C37 no. 395

English 18th Century Cookery

TX652 .C37 no. 396

Pennsylvania German Foods and Traditions

TX652 .C37 no. 397

The Lucile Cook Book

TX652 .C37 no. 398

The Wilcolator Cook Book

TX652 .C37 no. 399

Fleischmann’s Recipes

TX652 .C37 no. 400

The Roman Cookery Book

TX652 .C37 no. 401


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