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Additions to the Culinary Arts Collection

2022-12-21 13:50

For more information about HSP's holdings, please see our online catalog, Discover.

The Pleasures of Wines and Spirits

TX652 .C37 n.873

Treasured Armenian Recipes

TX652 .C37 n.874

Flavours of Byzantium

TX652 .C37 n.875

Empire of Pleasures

TX652 .C37 n.876

The Gentlewoman's Companion

TX652 .C37 n.877

From Hardtack to Home Fries

TX652 .C37 n.878

The Carolina Rice Kitchen

TX652 .C37 n.879

Hey, Waitress!

TX652 .C37 n.880

Bibliographie Gastronomique

TX652 .C37 n.881

Why Not Eat Insects?

TX652 .C37 n.882

London's Coffee Houses

TX652 .C37 n.883

The Art of Eating in France

TX652 .C37 n.884

The Cookery Book of Lady Clark of Tillypronie

TX652 .C37 n.885

The Complete Russian Cookbook

TX652 .C37 n.886

Catalogue of Wines and Spirits

TX 652 .C37 n.887


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