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New Additions to the Balch Ethnic Studies Collection

2019-08-15 09:55

For more information on HSP's holdings, please see our online catalog, Discover.

The Feder-Feather Family by Rita Fein Hirschhorn

JGSP CS 71 .F42 1999

Dlin Family History

JGSP CS 71 .D623 1986

Souvenir & History of the Hebrew Literature Society

JGSP F 158.3 .H4 1905

Third Annual Report of the Jewish Community of Philadelphia

JGSP F 158.9 .J5 T4 1915

The Philadelphia Sampler of Photograhs Past and Present by Vince Dowdle Jr. & Anthony Dowdle

JGSP F 158.37 .D69 1982

Book of Life: A Directory of Hebrew Names and Dates

JGSP CS 3010 .B6 1992

JGSP Photo Album

JGSP F 158.9 .J5 P54

Jewish Genealogy Beginners Guide

JGSP CS 21 .J481 1992

Family History Library Catalog of Jewish Sources

JGSP Z 6611 .J48 F3 1989

Branches (2008-2009)

JGSP CS 1 .B72

Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain Newsletter (2008)

JGSP CS 410 .N43

Cemetery Database

JGSP CS 44 .J4 1994

JGSGP 25th Anniversary Photo Album

JGSP F 158.9 .J55 P55 2004

Memories of the Jewish Midwest (1990-1995)

JGSP F 675 .J5 M46

Shem Tov (2008-2010)

JGSP CS 87 .J4 S54

Venturing Into Our Past (2008-2009)

JGSP F 868 .C6 V3

Generations (2006-2007)

JGSP F 575 .J5 G46

Family Legacies (2008-2010)

JGSP F 850 .J5 F3

Roots-Key (2008-2010)

JGSP CS 31 .R66

Brown, White, Black by Nishta J. Mehra

HQ 75.53 .M44 2019


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