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New Additions to the Balch Ethnic Studies Collection

2020-10-08 12:14

For more information on HSP's holdings, please see our online catalog, Discover.

Mayor: The Best Job in Politics by Michael A. Nutter

UPA/Ph F 158.54 .N88 A3 2018

Great Italian Cooking by Luigi Carnacina


TX 723 .C2913 1968

Journeys: Prose by Children of the English-Speaking World collected by Richard Lewis


PS 647 .S4 L4 1969

The Wisest Man in the World by Benjamin Elkin


BS 580 .S6 E4 1968

Tales the People Tell in Russia by Lee Wyndham


PZ 8.1 .H999 1970

Proverbs of Many Nations compiled by Emery Kelen


PN 6405 .K43 1966

Arms and Armor in Africa by Helmut Nickel


U 800 .N48 1971

Moga Means One: Swahili Counting Book by Muriel Feelings


DT 365.4 .F43 1971

The World is Round by Joan Berg Victor


HQ 783 .V52 1974

Tracing Your Boer War Ancestors by Jane Marchese Robinson


REF CS 430 .R63 2016

As But a Day by Janice O. Rothschild


JGSP BM 225 .A842 R6 1967

Jewish Genealogy, vol. 2 by David S. Zubatsky


JGSP Z 6374 .B5 Z79 v. 2

Franco-Judaica by Zosa Szajkowski


JGSP Z 6371 .F7 S9 1962

Capital Collections


JGSP Z 6374 .B5 B6 2007

Danzig 1939


JGSP BM 657 .A1 D29 1980

Jewish Newspapers and Periodicals on Microfilm


JGSP Z 6367 .H48 1984

A Guide to Yivo’s Landsmanshaftn Archive by Rosaline Schwartz and Susan Milamed


JGSP Z 6373 .U5 S38 1986

When Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow


JGSP BM 42 .W48 1971

Library Resources for German-Jewish Genealogy by Angelika Ellmann-Kruger


JGSP Z 6373 .G3 E55 1998

The Jews in Poland and Russia by Gershon David Hundert and Gershon C. Bacon


JGSP Z 6373 .P7 H86 1984


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