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New Additions to the Biographical Collection

2019-01-17 11:39

For more information on HSP's holdings, please see our online catalog, Discover.

A Mouthful of Glass by Henk van Woerden

PT 5881.33 .O314 M6613 2001

The New Rabbi by Stephen Fried

PM 225 .P5 H374 2002

John Woolman and the Government of Christ by Jon R. Kershner

BX 7795 .W7 K47 2018

The Man Who Made the Movies by Vanda Krefft

PN 1998.3 .F69 K74 2017

Death of an Assassin by Ann Marie Ackermann

HV 6335 .G43 B653 2017

The Art of the Peales in the Philadelphia Museum of Art by Carol Eaton Soltis

ND 237 .P27 S65 2017

Phil Trajetta by Franco Sciannameo

ML 410 .T7205 S25 2010

William Strickland and the Creation of An American Architecture by Robert Russell

NA 717 .S68 R87 2017

Bad Scarlett by Deborah C. Pollack

CT 275 .B5834 P65 2016

Warner Mifflin by Gary B. Nash

BX 7795 .M48 N37 2017

Edward Hopper in Vermont by Bonnie Tocher Clause

UVT ND 237 .H75 X58 2012

The Way of the Eagle by Charles J. Biddle

D 603 .W64 B5 2016

Life Lessons from a Total Failure by M. J. Dougherty

BF 575 .F14 D684 2016

F. Wayland Ayer: Founder

CT 275 .A955 F2 1923

My Life is No Accident by Tenika Watson

HQ 77.8 .W37 A3 2014

The Man I Knew Was Once a Boy edited by Lynda Barness

D 767 .H47 2015

No Ordinary Soldier by Liz Gilmore Williams

UG 626.2 .G55 W55 2016


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