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New Additions to the Biographical Collection

2020-02-20 13:30

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No, I’m Not Starving by Gordon Haas

NX 163 .N65 H337 2012

Days I Left Behind by Sachchindananda Banerjee

DS 481 .B36 1999

I Am Their Physician by Steven J. Peitzman

PAM R 690 .W57 P45 2009

The Search for Jacob Treitz by Philip Steeves

E 184 .T74 S744 2015

The Death of Franklin Gowen by Patrick Campbell

HV 6248 .C5 G69 2015

Mad Dog Coll by Patrick Campbell

HV 6248 .C5 D45 2015

General Benjamin Franklin by J. Bennett Nolan

E 302.6 .F8 N77 1936

Benjamin Franklin by Carl van Doren

E 302.6 .F8 V36 1941

Thomas Jefferson by Fawn M. Brodie

E 332 .B787 1974

Writing of General John Forbes by Alfred Procter James

E 199 .F694 1938

I Can’t Make This Up by Kevin Hart

PN 2287 .H26 A3 2017

Ed Bolden and Black Baseball in Philadelphia by Courtney Michelle Smith

UPA/Ph GV 865 .B59 S65 2017

The Romance of Cherokee Chief Lewis Downing and Mary Ayer of Philadelphia by Luther S. McGaugh

UPA/PAM E 77.6 .L49 M34 2015

Oliver Wendell Homes by Stephen Budiansky

KF 8745 .H6 B83 2019

Politics & Portraits in the United States & France during the Age of Revolution edited by T. Lawrence Larkin

ND 1311.1 .P65 2019

Leaving a Legacy by Philip M. Diller

R 119 .D55 2019

Rush by Stephen Fried

E 302.6 .R85 F75 2018

Nicolay by Allen Carden and Thomas J. Ebert

E 167.47 .C37 2019

A Pennsylvania Quaker in Andersonville by Charles Smedley

E 612 .A5 S635 1995


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