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New Additions to the Historic Culinary Collection

2021-06-10 09:33

For more information on HSP's holdings, please see our online catalog, Discover.

The Jewish Manual or Practical Information

TX652 .C37 no.504

The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby

TX652 .C37 no.505

The American Kitchen

TX652 .C37 no.506

We Visit Old Inns

TX652 .C37 no.507

In Public Houses

TX652 .C37 no.508

The History of Food Preservation

TX652 .C37 no.509

Food & Drink in Britain

TX652 .C37 no.510

Fannie Farmer’s Book of Good Dinners

TX652 .C37 no.511

Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England

TX652 .C37 no.512

A Second Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Food and Drink

TX652 .C37 no.513

Grocer’s Hand-Book

TX652 .C37 no.514

The Man Who Ate Everything

TX 652 .C37 no.515

Fannie’s Last Supper

TX652 .C37 no.516

The Allotment Cookbook Through the Year

TX652 .C37 n.517

The Food Axis

TX652 .C37 n. 518

The Food of Paradise

TX652 .C37 n.519

A Revolution in Eating

TX652 .c37 n.520

Of Sugar and Snow

TX652 .C37 n.521

The Cook’s Encyclopedia

TX652 .C37 n.522

Hung, Strung, and Potted

TX652 .C37 n.523


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