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New Additions to HSP's Culinary Arts Collection

2022-07-01 12:49

For more information about HSP's holdings, please see our online catalog, Discover.

A Bachelor’s Cupboard

TX 652 .C37 n.805

The Willing Workers’ Cook Book

TX 652 .C37 n.806

T.G.I. Friday’s Unabridged Dictionary of Food and Drink

TX 652 .C37 .807

Early American Beverages

TX 652 .C37 n.808

The Century in Food

TX 652 .C37 n.809

Produce and conserve, share and play square

TX 652 .C37 n.810

Siren Feasts

TX 652 .C37 n.811

Delightes for Ladies

TX 652 .C37 n.814

Recipes & Remedies of Early England

TX 652 .C37 n.815

Early English Recipes

TX 652 .C37 n.816

The Cocktail

TX 652 .C37 n.817

Colonial Kitchens, Their Furnishings, and Their Gardens

TX 652 .C37 n.818

Look and Feel

TX 652 .C37 n.819

A butler’s recipe book

TX 652 .C37 n.820


TX 652 .C37 n.821

The Heretic’s Feast

TX 652 .C37 n.822

Imperial Cook Book

TX 652 .C37 n.823

The New Making of a Cook

TX 652 .C37 n.824

Evolution of the Human Diet

TX 652 .C37 n.825

How We Eat

TX 652 .C37 n.826


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