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New Additions to the Pennsylvania Collection

2018-06-07 15:06


For more information on HSP's holdings, please see our online catalog, Discover.

North Philadelphia Redevelopment Area

UPA/Ph NA 9100 .P494 N67 1970

Nicetown Redevelopment Area Plan

UPA/Ph NA 9127 .P4 A245 1965

Philadelphia: Finding the Hidden City by Joseph Elliott, Nathaniel Popkin and Peter Woodall

UPA/Ph F 158.3 .E44 2017

Souvenir Program and Book of Views, Alexandria, Pennsylvania

PAM Z 1231 .P2 no. 1230

Boyd's Street Guide of Philadelphia

F 158.67 .A1 B69 1920

The 41st Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show

UPA/Ph TT 6 .U6 P5 2017

The March

PC 2066 .E27 1931

Food for Thought: Just Desserts

TX 715 .A33 no. 62

What’s Cooking in Regional Kitchens?

TX 715 .A33 no. 66

Philadelphia Fighters by Lew Freedman

UPA/Ph GV 1125 .F74 2015

Hawk Mountain by Jim Wright

UPA QL 677.78 .W754 2009

Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor by The Franklin Institute

DS 747.9 .Q254 T46 2017

Philadelphia Neighborhoods

MAP F 159 .P45 N38 2017

Tiny the Philadelphia Easter Bunny by Eric James

PZ 8.3 .J1476 T56 2018

The Scalpel

LB 2310 .P4 S335 1915



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