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New Balch Ethnic Studies Titles Added

2017-03-09 10:41

If ethnic history figures into your own research, you might want to check out some the resources in our Balch Ethnic Studies collection, such as those we're listing this week. Click on the links for more information from our online catalog Discover.

Our Family History by Ida F. Kaiser

JGSP CS 71 .K34 1982

Memories of the Kirschner Family by Isadore Kirschner

JGSP CS 71 .K66 1984

Ellis Island by Pamela Reeves

JGSP JV 6484 .K54 1991

Congregation Adath Jeshurun

JGSP BM 225 .P5 A3 2008

The Illustrated Atlas of Jewish Civilization by Martin Gilbert

JGSP G 1030 .G48 1990

Jews and Words by Amos Oz and Faniz Oz-Salzberger

JGSP DS 113 .O98 2012

The Gifts of the Jews by Thomas Cahill

JGSP BM 165 .C25 1998

The Jewish Community of Cuba by Boris Sapir

JGSP F 1789 .J4 S32 1948

Genealogical Resources within the Jewish Home and Family

JGSP CS 21 .W46 2002

A Guide to Organising your Family History Records

JGSP CS 21 .W4 2004

A Guide to Reading Hebrew Inscriptions and Documents

JGSP CS 21 .W4637 2005

Tracing Your Jewish Roots by Malcolm H. Stern

JGSP CS 21 .S73

The Quintessential American Jew

JGSP E 184 .J5 M2345 1968

A Guide to the Archives: Jewish Historical Society of Delaware

JGSP F 175 .J5 J44x 2003

The Other Slavery by Andrés Reséndez

E 98 .S6 R47 2016

Portraits of Pride, vols. 1-2

F 870 .C5 P67 2004 & 2011

How to Build a Museum by Tonya Bolden

UDC E 185.53 .B65 2016

One God, Sixteen Houses by Simeon J. Maslin

JGSP NA 5207 .M7 M8 1990

Research Guide to German-American Genealogy

JGSP E 184 .G3 R39 1991

My Generations by Arthur Kurzweil

JGSP CS 21 .K873 1983

Scattered Seeds by George I. Sackheim

JGSP CS 39 .S27 1986

Eleven Generations of the Gerstle Family by Karen Spiegel Franklin

JGSP CS 71 .G3783 1982

The Bible from Alef to Tav by Penina V. Adelman

JGSP BS 5551.2 .A24 1998


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