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New Books in the Culinary Arts Collection

2022-06-10 10:53

For more information about HSP's holdings, please see our online catalog, Discover.

Larousse Gastronomique

TX652 .C37 n.785


TX652 .C37 n.786

The Book of Drinking

TX652 .C37 n.787

From Plain Fare to Fusion Food

TX652 .C37 n.788

Pickled Herring and Pumpkin Pie

TX652 .C37 n.789

Food in Antiquity

TX652 .C37 n.790

The Last Days of Haute Cuisine

TX652 .C37 n.791

The Food Crisis in Prehistory

TX652 .C37 n.792

The Candy Cook Book

TX652 .C37 n.793

The Food Chronology

TX652 .C37 n.794

Great Cooks and Their Recipes

TX652 .C37 n.795

On the Culinary Road

TX652 .C37 n.796

From the Tropics to Your Table

TX652 .C37 n.797

Breyers Calling

TX652 .C37 n.798

I’m a Spam Fan

TX652 .C37 n.799

A Dictionary of Gastronomy

TX652 .C37 n.800

The Cambridge World History of Food

TX652 .C37 n.801

Food and Drink in America

TX652 .C37 n.802

Eating in America

TX652 .C37 n.803

Stage-coach and tavern days

TX652 .C37 n.804


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