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New Books Now in the Library's Genealogical Collection

2017-04-27 15:12


We're back this week with an oversized list of new books that were recently added to HSP's published genealogical collection. Click the links for more information on these titles from our online catalog Discover.

George Rapp’s Disciples, Pioneers and Heirs by Karl J.R. Arndt

REF HX 656 .H2 A76 1992

Beyond Damned Quarter by John F. Polk Jr.

Fa 929.2 P776p 2015

The Life and Opinions of the Writer by Jonas Ingham

Fa 929.2 I351i 1944

Batiste Gamara, Miner by Sergio Vedovato

CS 71 .G36 V43 2016

Schweppenheiser Genealogy complied by Jacqueline P. Passey

CS 71 .S39 P37 2016

Revisiting Race in a Genomic Age edited by Barbara A. Koenig, Sandra Soo-Jin Lee & Sarah S. Richardson

GN 269 .R48 2008

The Tenzer Family Tree by Stanley I. Batkin

JGSP CS 71 .T2995 1977

The Jews in the Renaissance by Cecil Roth

JGSP DS 113 .R66 1997

American Jewry and the Civil War by Bertram W. Korn

JGSP E 540 .J5 K67 1961

In Search of Your Canadian Roots by Angus Baxter

JGSP CS 82 .B388 1989

Levin Family Tree

JGSP CS 71 .L665 1987

The Jews of Boston edited by Jonathan D. Sarna, Ellen Smith & Scott-Martin Kosofsky

JGSP F 73.9 .J5 J49 2005

A Family Affair by Sandra MacLean Clunies

JGSP GT 2423 .C583 2003

An Englishman in Auschwitz by Leon Greenman

JGSP DS 135 .E6 G73 2001

The Utitz Legacy by Gerda Hoffer

JGSP CS 39 .U8 H6 1988

21st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy

JGSP CS 21 .S95 2001

National Registry of Jewish Holocaust Survivors

JGSP D 804.3 .N37 1991

Hamburg Emigration Port

JGSP HE 945 .H424 A8 2000

A History of Habsburg Jews by William O. McCagg Jr.

JGSP DS 135 .A9 M34 1989

Tracing Your Jewish Ancestors by Rosemary Wenzerul

JGSP DS 135 .E5 W467 2008

A Hebrew Chronicle from Prague edited by Abraham David

JGSP DS 135 .C96 P73713 1993

Delaware Runaways, 1720-1783 complied by Joseph Lee Boyle

REF HD 4875 .U5 B69 2014

From Across the Spanish Empire: Spanish Soldiers Who Helped Win the American Revolutionary War by Leroy Martinez

REF E 269 .S63 M37 2015


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