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New in the Culinary Arts Collection

2022-02-11 10:11

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Colonial Food

TX652 .C37 n.706

Pease Porridge Hot

TX652 .C37 n.707

Crossroads Cooking

TX652 .C37 n.708

How America Eats

TX652 .C37 n.709

A Man and His Meals

TX652 .C37 n.710

2 Million Years of the Food Industry

TX652 .C37 n.712

Tullie’s Receipts

TX652 .C37 n.713

The Making of the Modern British Diet

TX652 .C37 n.714

Sugar-plums and sherbert

TX652 .C37 n.715

A Tryon Palace trifle

TX652 .C37 n.716

Eating the plates

TX652 .C37 n.717

So Serve it Up

TX652 .C37 n.718

Eight Flavors

TX652 .C37 n.719

The Good Housewife’s Jewel

TX652 .C37 n.720

Fanny Pierson Crane: Her Receipts

TX652 .C37 .n.721

Big Boy Barbecue Book

TX652 .C37 n.722

The English Inn Past & Present

TX652 .C37 n.724

Polish Heritage Cookery

TX652 .C37 n.725


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